14 April 2006

Bala Sai's Birthday Beauties

The latest gossip confirms that Bhagawan Sri Bala Sai Baba of Kurnool is just an opportunistic Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba impersonator with a view to enjoy adoration and flattery from gullible people. The Andhra Herald reports that Bala Sai Baba's birthday celebrations may be attended by several film stars this year - all girls of course. It's a wonder he can even afford hiring these celebrities when he cannot even stump up the cash to pay back the generous donation of an innocent (but gullible) disciple. And whatever happened to the drinking water project?

What? Don't be so silly enough to expect these trivial issues getting in the way of inviting some hot chicks to your birthday party!

Isn't he quite the ladies man though?
‘Bala Sathya Sai Baba’, who has established an ashram in Kurnool, likes very much to get into the public eyes with film stars around him. He is like a Xerox copy to ‘Puttaparthi Sai Baba’ and also has thousands of devotional societies and also receives devotees from the foreign countries by which his turnover runs into crores of rupees.

Now he is planning to invest in educational field also.

Last year on his birthday actress Nagma, Suman, Laya, Babu Mohan, Venu Madhav participated for which they compensated in lakhs of rupees. And the news is that for this birthday he is planning to bring in ‘Trisha’, Genelia, Sindhu Tolani are also being consulted.

We expect that Sathya Sai Baba is seething with jealousy at the bare-faced cheek of this upstart who dares to steal his thunder. After all, he usually only gets a few shrivelled-up old women and a lot of pre-school kids to sing for him at his own parties!

And just for your viewing pleasure, here's some pictures of the delightful beauties (read: pretty leggy girls) all getting ready to tease and tantalise Mr. Bala Sai with their sexy dance steps and come-hither looks. Looks like he'll be seriously hot under the collar and may even have his hands full (literally) when this event comes to pass. Remember to click on the images to see enlarged versions. Enjoy. ;-)

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Sindhu Tolani

And last - but definitely not the least - the ultra-gorgeous Suman Ranganathan:

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12 April 2006

Premananda Conviction Upheld By Supreme Court

The Indian Skeptic reports a story by the Deccan Herald about the Indian Supreme Court upholding the life-sentence judgement on Swami Premananda for rape of minors and a murder.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the conviction and life sentence for two terms awarded to Swamy Premananda of Tiruchirapally ashram in Tamil Nadu for raping 13 women and murdering one man, all inmates of his ashram.

A division bench comprising Justice B N Agarwal and Justice H K Sema confirmed the judgement of the Madras High Court affirming the conviction and sentence awarded to Swamy Premananda by the trial court.

In view of the gravity of the offence and the deleterious effect it had not only on the victims but also on the society at large, any remission of sentence announced either by the Central or the State government would not apply to Swamy Premananda, said the apex court in an order.

The prosecution’s story was that the convict, hailing from Sri Lanka, had established an ashram near Tiruchirapally and used to entice women inmates, 13 of the whom were raped in 1994. He also murdered Ravi, another inmate.

“We do not find any infirmity in the order passed by the High Court and it does not call for any interference,” the bench said, adding that both the trial court and the High Court were correct in convicting him.

In August 1997 the trial court had convicted and awarded two life terms and imposed a fine of Rs 66 lakh on Swamy Premananda. During the pendency of the appeal before the High Court, he had paid the amount of fine imposed on him.

The High Court had confirmed the conviction and sentence in December 2002.

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