01 January 2006

Swami Premananda

"At the beginning of the 20th century, a great saint, Swami Paramaguru of Sri Lanka, foretold Swami Premananda's birth and spiritual power to Swamiji's grandmother. He was born on 17th November 1951 in Matale, Sri Lanka and the elderly saint's predictions steadily came true."

Bio: "From time to time great souls are born into this world with amazing qualities. They come with a purpose to remove the suffering of the people and to lead them to the truth. Swami Premananda is one of these very special ones. Swami is a Hindu religious title meaning that he has mastered himself. Prema means pure, divine love. Ananda means the highest joy known to man. Swami Premananda lives up to his wonderful name."


Premananda Youth
Premananda.Net (Dutch)

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Hinduism Today: "The popular Swami Premananda, known as the 'Sai Baba of Sri Lanka,' has closed his three ashrams and orphanage in Sri Lanka and opened a new 150-acre sanctuary named "Poobalakrishna Ashram" near Trichinopoly in Tamil Nadu, South India.

"The traditional Sri Lanka Hindu community, who are mostly Saivites, are not particularly impressed with the Swami's 'miracles' (which many consider sleight-of-hand), nor with his crowd-pleasing catering to the masses."

Times of India, April 05, 2005 - "The Supreme Court on Tuesday confirmed life imprisonment for two consecutive terms against a spiritual guru who raped 13 girls and murdered an inmate in his Tamil Nadu ashram in 1994. The Madras High Court had imposed the sentence on Swami Premananda of Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu."

Rape Case:

Rick Ross - Share International - Guruphiliac - ExBaba - Einterface

Rape Defence:

Justice For Premananda


Times of India, June 03, 2005 - "Former Union law minister Ram Jethmalani has struck out at some members of the nation’s apex judiciary, upbraiding them for 'intellectual inadequacy', shortly after the supreme court upheld the conviction and life imprisonment of controversial godman Swami Premananda for murder and rape in April this year ... Premananda had been accused of a murder and the rape of 13 girls in his ashram near Trichur in Tamil Nadu more than a decade ago. He was arrested, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, and lost his final appeal in the supreme court in April 2005."

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