01 January 2006

Bhagavan Sri Bala Sai Baba

Bala Sai Baba was born to Shri Kannanur Ramanadha Sastry and Smt. Jaya Lakshmamma, hail from a rich family of Brahmin Community of his town. Being a skilled Ayurvedic Doctor Dr. Ramanadha Sastry specialized himself in the curing of snakebites and healed many patients. Smt. Jaya Lakshmamma was a ideal wife with pious qualities to suit the principles of Shri Kannanur Ramanadha Sastry.

Bio - English - "Sri Balasai Baba is admired in India as Avatar. Among them one understands the embodiment of the Goettlichen in human shape. Every time hate, force and destruction take over hand, God in people shape (like Jesus Christ) appears, in order humans, who are will to show the correct way. As Avatar Sri Balasai Baba of the world wants to serve and be for all sincerely searching friend, teacher and sound one. Sri Balasai Baba was born on 14 January 1960 in the southIndian Kurnool. Its birth was predicted by the large Indian holy Sri Ramana Maharshi."


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CNN Hoaxbusters - "A geisha-pale Indian with a Botox permasmile."

Bala Sai Baba has stolen from Sai Baba not just his name ... but also his look. He too wears orange robes and an absurd Afro. "

Dialog Center - "Disillusioned by the scandals, many disciples have been turning away from Satya Sai Baba and to the 35 year-old Palghat (Kerala) born Bala Sai Baba. Bala Sai claims to be the real Sai avatar. He has set up an ashram in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. He dresses like Satya Sai Baba, performs the same kind of 'miracles’ and has been successful in attracting a large number of devotees. He too has western disciples."

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Sathya Sai Hater?: Yes.

Ashram in Kurnool:

Sri Bala Sai Nilayam
Kurnool 518001
A.P. India
Tel: 0091-8518-221332, fax: 0091-8518-220647

Ashram in Hyderabad:

Sri Bala Sai Nilayam
Domalaguda No. 1-2-593-8
Gagan Mahal Colony
Hyderabad 500029,
A.P. India
Tel: 0091-40-55 82 36 10, fax: 0091-40-27 61 62 80

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At 8:27 am, May 19, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

U seem to have a problem with all the SAIs.....Thats ur personal opinion & u can be vocal abt it.But can u presnt something factual about ur views,rather than just quoting some articles??The story about ur personal experience too seems way too far from reality,as u have not mentioned any facts.
Ur story seems more like the story of the wolf and the grapes.....the moral being"Grapes were sour,bcoz the wolf couldnt get to it"

At 12:21 am, May 24, 2007, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

I don't have a problem with Shirdi Sai Baba. I have a problem with Sathya Sai Baba who is a fake. This blog just laughs at fakers who imitate the fake, Sathya Sai Baba.

And, no, my grapes are not sour. They are very sweet. :)

At 3:19 pm, December 15, 2007, Anonymous pratik said...

well if u say sai baba fakes his powers n all, how come u can explain vibhuti,chandan,honey which even comes out of the photographs of so many disciples of his...well my family is a devotee of his,but i want to just knw about all these scandals which surround him.please reply,i'm awaiting some feedback,n i'm willing to listen with an open mind..plz include this in u'r blog,as i also want to knw whats the truth...

At 4:02 pm, December 16, 2007, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

Pardon me, Pratik, but are you speaking of Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, or about this Bala Sai Baba of Kurnool?

In any case, a wealth of information about Sathya Sai Baba is to be found online at ExBaba.Com.

At 11:49 am, March 24, 2008, Blogger pramath said...

common people is'nt this so evident,this new guy here is an imposter and an idiot. Are you people educated...this guy hasn't
done anything for anyone he tries to look like puttaparti sai baba so he can gain his sort of achievement LOOK AT HIS WEBSITE....he calls himeself an "ULTRAMODERN GOD"now what the hell is that????thatz so dumb...if you call him a god then i am RAMA's incarnation...phew anyone who takes a ring out of ash becomes a god in this world....

At 3:09 pm, September 13, 2008, Blogger Kiran said...

To all anti sai baba experts who criticises everything about sai baba must also be criticsing his work such as :
- building super speciality hospital in countries like India in 12 months
-not only that, provide free treatments (ususally cost lakhs of ruppes)to most needed
-provide free water to thousands of villages costing crores of rupees
-free education to all ages from primary to highest university level.
-free regular seva to the poor and needy
-free services to people affected by natural devastation places in India
-noneone from the trust going around the ashram forcing money out of the visitors to sai baba
-sai baba spends his time daily giving darshan morning and afternoon 365 days a year without a 'holiday'.All days are Holy-days here.
-none bias towards any one belief,unity of all religions promoted.All people of all colour race and country of origin and religious belief treated the same.
-even animals are looked upon as God.
-Non violence towards all is taught
-awareness on caring for the environment is taught and for natural beuty of the environment to be preserved and enhanced is taught
-vegetarianism is promoted
-how not to hate anyone is taught
-love,peace,truth,righteosness is taught
-detachment from materialism is taught
-taught how to prayer to God regardless of whether you believe in Ram,Krishna,Allah,Christ etc.
-the list is endless

I hope I have put my point across.
If the person criticising or giving bad publicity to Satya Sai Baba saying he is a magician simply because of him materialising objects or doesn't like his hair style or his skin colour or his orange robe or of false unprooved other allegations then there is one thing I suggest. Go to a suitable psychiatrist for self treatment for thoughts as depression,stress and possibly other serious mental disorders might be the cause. A serious health check required.Please don't take this in a wrong way but extreme hate towards someone can cause one to go insane. Please control your emotions for your personal sake.Try to relax more. Nobody can change Satya Sai Baba in anyway one wants. Sai Baba is harmless believe me.
I have been an independent observer of Satya Sai Baba since 1992 and seen and researched all about him for many years taking a completely independent standpoint. I am a postgraduate in computer science and bioinformatics. What I have observed over the years is that if you really want to do research into Sai Baba then don't go with a predetermined view point.Just go as an independent person who is not a devotee and who is not against Sai Baba. Don't allow external forces to control your view point, be very honest and make inferences only from your own experiences. Don't listen to the critics nor the devotees.
If you have any questions you are free to contact me but please don't accept what I have to tell you.I will only guide you and tell you how to be very independent and what kinds of feelings you do this with.
My conclusion after all these years is that Sai Baba is not fake but is a postive force behind my life experience upto my age of 40 years at the moment.I would classify Him as God from my definition of God which is backed up by ancient authenticated texts. I could go on and on but for all the genuine people who says Sai Baba is fake, I would like to say I hope you spend more time self researching without relying on someone else. You will need patience as your first tool.
Then just stick to your own findings. May whatever you believe to be genuine bring you to the truth.I pray to your God for your happy life.Thank you for your time. Sorry if I'm offending you but in my own words, Sai Ram.


At 2:00 pm, September 15, 2008, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

Kiran, how am I supposed to get in contact with you if you have left no email address?

I would like to contact you to discuss your views but I am busy this week and may be available to tak from next week. Thank you.

At 3:32 pm, September 16, 2008, Blogger Kiran said...

my email is jaiom8@yahoo.co.uk

At 6:00 pm, September 16, 2008, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

Thanks Kiran, I may get in contact with you within the next two weeks.

At 10:18 am, September 17, 2008, Blogger Bhairava said...

Go Kiran...

Nice reply chief. I am sick to death of all anti- Sri Satya Sai propaganda swirling around. Are people so feeble minded that they are after demonstrations of miracles in forms of Siddhis, and are they unable to appreciate the miracles of Service provisioned by the Sri Satya Sai Organisation towards mankind- without discrimination. SSS does NOT go out and advertise attendance or invitations to become disciples.... rather, people go out of their own free will. But what I noticed while in Puttaparthi was that many persons I came across seemed to possess weak mental standings (I am not a psychologist or a trained mental assessment personnel, nor a sociologist researcher) however, it seems that many of these persons have greater expectations and no patience whatsoever, which when not attained to their belief, they run out and scream SHAM!!! B/S.
I am by profession a Lawyer, and I like and respect Sri Satya Sai Baba, HE and SSS Organisation assists those in need, as succinctly stated by Kiran; of course any argument can be presented by persons of "free thought" - applying the devils-advocate notion and reiterating other peoples frustration and disbelief.

At 10:50 am, September 18, 2008, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

OK Bhairav, if you pass me your mail address (you can always look at my profile for my email address and email me if you don't want to post your address publicly) and I'll write to you too. In fact, I might as well write to you and Kiran.

What puzzles me is why you are both commenting about Sathya Sai Baba at this entry about Bala Sai Baba. For a minute, I was wondering if either of you were Bala Sai devotees. But thanks for clarifying, Bhairav, it seems you are both devotees of Sathya Sai.

At 9:27 am, September 19, 2008, Blogger Kiran said...

May God give you power of clarity of thought and refined judgements in every seconds of your life. There is no personality that I have met who is so refined in behaviour, full of genuity,unique and truly living only for the good of others as Sri Satya Sai Baba. Jai Sai Ram

At 9:49 am, September 19, 2008, Blogger Kiran said...

Sorry,Sri Satya Sai Baba is who I was talking about.If anyone can copy Satya Sai Baba, excellent.Satya Sai Baba has emphasised that His life is His message.ANY Physical appearances or aspects are totally insignificant(zero) in realms of spirituality.

At 5:23 pm, October 18, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

they are all fuckin pedophiles. Producing golden eggs out of their mouth and stuff like that. Watch out one day they would materialize a golden egg out of their anus.

At 2:34 am, April 08, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH BALASAI BABA...does he even realise he's making a fool of himself.

by the way, i AM a sathya sai devotee for reasons i do not have to reveal to you and yes thanks for making my day with this post!

At 12:40 am, April 17, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

who cares about these babas...let us take an example of sri shirdi baba...he is a real avatar not because he did some magic tricks, but because of his divine knowledge and spiritual soul...these satya and bala sai babas are just fake..y do they need so much money for themselves??
y shud they roam around on golden cars?? satya sai baba cant even speak properly...i dont think he knows ne thing about spirituality..and worse is the case with bala sai baba.. what satya sai spends to the people is 15% of what he gets..and every one who beleives a normal man as a god is a fool

At 6:32 pm, May 18, 2009, Blogger SamSet said...

Hey Guys, I'm just wondering How to stop those who gives more lecture on sweet without tasting it. Looks like these people are frustrated with a kind of sweet in their life (either by having taste of it or not). Any body can talk against anything but they don't understand that they are spreading negativity all over like virus without self experience and sense of feeling that the same virus will attack their surroundings, their family and any time to oneself. This all looks like an angry person attacking others through his/her anger but in reality the anger attacked him first which he has no knowledge of it. To summarize my thoughts, one should not speak against some one or some thing without self experiment/experience, just by hearing something. In reality you should taste it, feel it, sense it before try to convience the world (or others). Since my child hood, I don't like such kind of behaviours but what to do, such people all over the world and in almost every family. I'm sorry, if I make some one unhappy here. I hope some one will make sense out of it, that's enough for me.

At 10:03 am, June 16, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First you should carefully draw a line and discriminate good social worker and GOD.

Why do a man after collecting croe of dollars as donations from poor foreiginers and spent a portion os its for the mankind be treated as a GOD.

Satya sai baba is not a avatar or God.He is just human being who learnt few words from our scriptures telling the same to the poor foreiginers collecting money spending a protion of it to the mankind.

Please do not consider him as an avataror God.

At 2:51 am, January 15, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! You are the monument to human insanity... stop speaking nonsense about Sathya Sai Baba or any Baba!. It is absolutely right what pratik and bhairav told you, but rather, instead of speaking nonsense... do YOU know WHO REALLY YOU ARE ???. Close this nonsense blog and do what Ramana Maharshi said: ask yourself "WHO I AM?" seriously, just five minutes a day, and all your doubts will be fullfilled. I´m not Sai Baba devotee... to be His devotee is saying too much!. He is changing the world, but you are spoiling your human life. Close this nonsense blog, do what Raman said or go to a psychologist, R. Das, Bhaktishastri, sick of insane people in the web!.

At 8:36 pm, January 15, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Proximity is the problem in living avatars. I am listening to all this for 40 years.Bala Sai and blog author are also ardent devotees of sai. Scripyures allow for devotion of different kinds. While bala sai chose imitation path the blog author chose a path of hatred. Both will attain salvation as their devotion to sathya sai is so deep that one has devoted his life the other is spending all his spare time. Devotion is of different types. After 40 years of listening to all this, even if their opinions were true, my firm conviction is "Bhagawan is an avatar". ne has to immerse in others soul & mind use their eyes to see.

At 9:56 am, February 06, 2010, Anonymous M. Adittan said...


From time immorial hero workship is enshrined in human mind. So it naturally happens in case Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

There is fundamental difference between between Lord Krishna and our SSB.

1) Lord Krishna never punished any Guru or elders by any means under any circumstances.

"But our SSB punished his school teacher as the teacher wanted the boy to stand up in the bench as he (SSB) is not listening to the class by unabling the teacher to move from his chair until Student SSB was let down - Sathyam Sivam Sundaram book written by Prof.N. Kasturi.

2) Lord Krishna made Kusela (his boyhood friend) from poor to rich by his miracles.

But our SSB giving gold ornamentals only to rich & powerful peoples or innocent well off foreigners.

Poor people only receive vibhuti, chandan etc. But our SSB will defend it as karma.

How ignorance our people and world is. For joke, if you would just stare at a tree without any purpose and telling nothing for some time people will surround you and begin to weave stories according to their fancies and even tell you stories thinking that you are not the scene creator. That is happening in the case of our SSB.

M.Adittan, India.

At 11:07 pm, March 04, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what Sathya Sai Baba has done?

Excuse me, there are social workers who have done much more for the poor in just one year than what SSB has done in20 years! These people are practicing love and kindness for all beings in the world. So why don't you pray to them?

There are enough "Masters/Gurus/Avatars" or whatever claiming to be the real "God". So who tells me that SSB is the real one. They all perform miracles and devote their lives to all beings.

Even Bala Sai Baba could be the real "God".
By the way Bala Sai Baba looks more friendly than SBS.

At 11:11 pm, March 05, 2010, Blogger Kiran said...

you your self is God.I bow to you.Thanks to sai baba for making me aware of the reality of everyone including animals.All are divine.If you can experience this then even a stone on the road will be accepted as God. All my enemies are also God and my humble pranams to them too. If a stone on the road is God himself there is no question or doubt about whether this or that person is God.ALL ALL ALL is God and includes Sai Baba. ALL are god not just the ones you perceive to be of total Goodness. All are god. Allegations of any sort on anyone does not reduce the reality that one is.Namely Divinity. Divinity in all is same and that has no boundaries.Its limitless. Every act becomes a puja, a devotion. Change your vision and you will see all divinity and not evil. May the reality be experienced and great realised beings such as sai baba or any one in the worl whom you regard as great.This could even be your next door neigh.It doesn't have to be any fanous personality. Even your dog can become your realiser. Treat all as your Guru as you will learn alot of positive from every where to help you to find your self. Example, a stone can be your guru as it teaches to be strong and tolerant even when some one throws it or kicks it. Example a river.It keeps flowing regardless of any obstacles. Its got to be your vision and nothing else that can be your friend or your own enemy. Sai Ram. or Jai Jesus or any other name like
bla bla or make one up to represent God. As God is limitless you cannot give any one name or any one form otherwise you are saying God is limited. Please glorify God as He realy is rather than confining Him within boundaries. Thank you.

At 9:27 am, May 27, 2010, Blogger aksh said...

Well,I am not to hurt anyone's feelings here.I myself am very low and not fit to comment on anyone's stature.But when it comes to bhagavan(who possesses six opulences in full)what is true is that one can accept one as BHAGAVAN only and only if he has been mentioned in the scriptures.The persons you might be talking about might be people who are doing great social service.I completely agree.But he can never ever be accepted as a Bhagavan.One who calls himself so is an impostor.Please take time to read,carefully analyze the GITA.It is the quintessence of the upanishads.You will know what are GOD's qualities.One cannot call anyone a god whimsically.He is not so cheap.He is GOD.

At 3:33 am, September 12, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As per sanathana dharma and Adhvaitha, there is no God..., Many of us became lazy and don't even read Bahgvath Geetha, leave Veda's and Upanishad's , Bhagvadh Geetha is simplified form all these, and we give reason to our selves that we dont have time. Human cant become a God. Every one is God, if you say a human can become god. If these so called baba's can generate gold chains,rings then why cant they eradicate poverty in the country, why do they give gold chains and rings to only celebrities and to people who give them funds? Constructing a Hospital in one year, Giving the water to 100 of villages makes a good person but not God. Because he is not giving his money, he is coordinating the people.Why do they claim as they have nithya Yuvana and come on wheel chair?

Do they really require Gold Simhasanas? and Foriegn Cars if they are sanyasi's?.

At 3:10 am, September 22, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what are your views on Lord Sri Krishna and Lord Sri Rama.They lived in mahal as well.From your thinking, because they lived in such palaces and were King they cannot be God. Your thoughts tell me that God has to be living in poverty and on the road begging.Should have no form of transport and should not be doing any social service or seva. These avatars do all these things as a teaching to mankind rather than they need to do these things for their own benefit. as Sri Krishna said, He is not bound to do any work and has nothing to gain in this world. He does actions only for the mankind to teach by example. Reason why great avatars give gifts however produced is only for the recipients to help them remember God by feeling the touch of the object received when in trouble or for bhakti. Only the great saints and avatars has selflessness. The ways of the Avatars are mysterious and they can appear as poor beggar like Shirdi Sai Baba or as King Rama or as cowherd Lord Krishna. You cannot limit God with certain boundaries or certain form. He has ALL the forms you can think of. This is why God is great. Thank you. I hope buddhi and vivek will be with you. Learn to see God in ALL (including Babas who takes out rings and necklesses and who drive in forign cars and those also who walk around begging for food and who looke 'poor' and filthy, animals, humans etc.)Any man who does good for the society is God. So be God.

Asato Maa Sad Gamaya
Tamaso Maa Jyortir Gamaya
Mrityum Maa Amritum Gamaya.

Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavantu

Om shanti hi shanti hi shanti hi.


Om Sri Sai Ram

At 1:26 am, December 22, 2010, Anonymous maya said...

the blind following the blind..

At 3:57 am, April 30, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I HATE U BALA SAI BABA! you are a disgrace to society, burn in hell and die!!! The real Baba is the most loving God, who comes to devotees giving darshan and guides us. You should just kill yourself for being a worthless and ugly fraud.

At 9:14 am, April 30, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hate you BALA SAI, you are ugly and a disgrace to humanity. Please die and burn in HELL!!!

At 3:27 am, May 02, 2011, Blogger Renu said...

bala sai has very nicely drawn eyebrows. An Avatar paying attention to his eyebrows :o). He could not get his own identity too. With swami's passing, he will jump at this opportunity to gain fame & fortune. JEsus Christ !

At 4:25 am, May 07, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate u Bala sai... You should be killed by US Navy seals and burried in Arabian see.

At 9:38 am, May 10, 2011, Anonymous Thomas Meyer Denmark said...

Look inside. If you feel hate, anger og likewise this is YOUR own energy. I have known and seen Sai Baba for 30 years and Baba was who he claimed to be. But the eyes that see decides the truth for everyone individual. Sai Baba gave us the path to a life full of love and compassion, and yet many people only choose to see negative issues. The REAL miracle Sai Baba made was to involve millions of people worldwide in the thought and deed of love and care. Who else do you know of, that got so many people worldwide to focus to love, compassion, education and moral values of life. For most of us we can only relate qualities like this to ancient livings, like Jesus. But Sai Baba was here, on earth in our time. We could see him, speak with him - be with him and if we wanted, we could learn from him ! Who will claim that it has no meaning to learn love and compassion and care ? THAT was what he was teaching. Try to take that inside and let that become your own God inside. YOU are your own God - Sau Baba just showed the path to get there :) With Light and Love... Sai Ram

At 3:50 am, October 07, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yblhsr1O4IQ...................for those who belive that bhagwan sri satya sai baba is god
they must watch this...............

At 11:04 am, December 28, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Sri sathya sai baba is not god... i regret to say that ... then there is no god. You need a grace from god himself to Recogonise him who comes down on earth in human form occasionaly. Thnks to Sri Sai baba ji for that grace.

At 8:16 am, September 27, 2012, Anonymous S.Arunachalananda said...

"Its birth was predicted by the large Indian holy Sri Ramana Maharshi."
Where have you got this from? Ramana was only pointing to the self with the technik of selfinquirie "Who am I?" or Atma Vichara. Tell me where that is written. Ihave the books. I dont believe that Ramana Maharshi would have said something stupid. Maybe he made a joke to some stupid guy who wanted to hear such nonses. Ramana was very serious and had nothing to do with prediction or fake miracles. Dont abuse that great sage!

At 7:18 am, January 16, 2013, Anonymous Madhav said...

Bala sai baba was a devotee of sathya sai baba before he went and created himself the self styled godman. Second, this guy does not have an iota of love in his face, he is so farce. I still cant understand how educated people fall for guys such as nityananda, bala sai baba etc...
I have seen many people commented on Sathya Sai Baba. I have seen his charity works and other things. Those who claim him to be fraud and doing only little despite his enormous wealth. I would like to ask some of people here, what iota of good work have you done in your life? Can u organize enormous amounts in your life and create such a hospital in your village? can u give one paisa from your pocket fr donation and not strut like a proud peacock pronouncing what you have done? I myself was operated at his hospital without any rupee and lovingly taken care by the staff. Tell me one hospital in the world that as such cheerful and loving staff that cares for people? If you cannot do an iota of what Sathya Sais has done despite his other deficiences, please do not comment or abuse. Just keep quiet. I am not his devotee, but i have received his love. that enough for me.

At 1:34 pm, February 18, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

all these so-called guru's,baba's who have fan following of the rich & famous should be investigated for hawala market deals.

At 11:54 am, July 20, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Bala Baba should seriously begin contemplating a change to Islam ! He might win the lottery that way.


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