24 February 2006

What's Going On With Bala Sai?

A recent newspaper reports strange happenings all over Bala Sai's spooky lil ghost town.

Eye camp inaugurated

KURNOOL: The Postal Department and Balasai Baba Trust jointly sponsored an eye camp for postal employees at P and T Colony here on Sunday.

The Postal Superintendent, Mahabub Basha, formally inaugurated the camp.

All very well and dandy, but on the other side of town...

Man kills 3-year-old son?

KURNOOL: A three-year-old boy was stoned to death allegedly by his father at Palamarri village, under the Pagidyala police station limits in Kurnool district, on Sunday. According to reports, in a fit of emotion, B. Ramana, murdered his son, Srikant, who died on the spot. The police are investigating.

Why fear when Bala Sai is busy avoiding court appearances instead of tending to the concerns of residents of his own home town?

What kind of headline is that, by the way, as if the reporter is somewhat unsure of the facts? How would that look if we applied the standards equally; "Eye Camp Inaugurated?" "Bala Sai Avoids Court?" "Bala Sai Shameless Sathya Sai Copycat?"

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