01 January 2006

Swami Nagananda

Bio: "It has been born in (to) in (to) 1951 Sri Nagananda Swamy Bukkapatnam. People (people) saw signs from early childhood local <>, which (who) showed, that he (it) was exceptional spiritual nature. People (people) were witness how (as) cobras, when he (it) slept. He (it) was known from spending of many hour in solitary meditation also well <>. From its (his) this time of power of curing, mortal bites of snakes particularly, they have caused object materializacji, that known has become beyond region well <>. Meditation, service other, equality (identity) there is most important aspects of lives - and sciences Sri Nagananda."
- courtesy of poltran.com

Ashram: "Shanti Mandiram" - Usually stand in in (to) nearly village stay which (who) find (be placed) Swami Nagananda aszramie Shanti Mandiram Andhra Prasesh Putaparti where owns countrywoman aszram Sathya Sai. It is very tiny Aszram and it consists from temple (i.e. places, where public meetings proceed and spiritual practices), private headquarters of champions, for pilgrims habitable buildings and very tiny, but for it beautiful (fine) park. Meditative room (shop) is placed in the area also Aszramu. There is main aszramem Naganandy Aszram Shanti Mandiram but champion owns in whole india 40 centers near and in europe 50 and USA."
- Courtesy of poltran.com

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Sathya Sai Hater?: Unknown.

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