01 January 2006


Real Name: Chandrasekhar Balasubramanian

Bio: "On the eve of Vara Maha Lakshmi Vratham in the month of Shravan, Susila completed the pooja and the labor for the next Mission manifested. Just after midnight, My Mother gave birth to Chandrasekhar Balasubramanian (Sekharji). It was August 14, 1959. In 1960, the Family moved to the United States of America."

Message: "There are Saints, Sages, and Avatars who manifest in embodiment with a Specific Purpose at various points in Time filliping the advancement of civilization. In this age, the fundamental nature of Humanity is diminished by the apparent success of extolling the negative qualities of humankind. Peace, truth, right conduct, compassion, service, and Self Awareness has given way to the torrid accumulation of power and wealth by any means. Success is no longer measured by skill, talent, knowledge, humility, and effort; but by comfort, possessions, arrogance, social status, and profession.
"The Time has come for the Universal Awakening to begin. Each and every individual must awaken to the understanding that every thought, word, and action contributes to the evolution of humankind, the restoration of the basic nature of Humanity, and the divination towards the Realization of 'the Self'."

Token Boast: "I eat one meal per day and have been doing so for decades. I consider anything solid as food. Of course, there have been occasions when it was necessary to snack during the day. But, these are rare occurrences. Additionally, I have a complete fast every thursday. I have been known to fast for countless days, even weeks.."


Sekharji.Org - defunct (see old versions)
T.N. Bala - Website of Sekharji's father (Memorial page for mother)

Photo Galleries: One - Two - Three - **Four**

Sathya Sai Hater?: Yes.

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