01 January 2006

Swami Roberto

Bio: "Swami Roberto is the founder of Universal Soul. Ever since he was just a child, he has invited those who suffer to turn to prayer, and many testify that, thanks to his spiritual help, they have overcome great problems of life. Roberto teaches people to rediscover God in their own consciousness, with the certainty that Love, Charity and Brotherhood are universal spiritual foundations which belong to the whole of humanity, beyond any religious creed, since God is Father and Mother to all people."


Universal Soul

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Universal Soul (old page)
Universal Soul (current page)

Sathya Sai Hater?: Unknown.


"Our main Ashram is in ITALY, in the town of Leynì, deep in the country of the Piedmont region a few kilometres North of Turin. The address is Via Enrico Mattei no. 58, Leinì (Turin), ITALY."

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At 2:41 pm, April 11, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just looked at the site at www.animauniversale.org and I realized that Swami Roberto has nothing to do with the topic of your blog.

Shame on you!!!!!!

At 11:02 pm, April 11, 2008, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

Actually it has plenty of things to do with the topic. Sure, I just looked at the site (this blog is old, by the way) and it seems that Swami Roberto has changed in many ways.

I guess even he's realised that there's no money in being a Sai Baba copycat. After all, that [b]is[/b] how he made his name as several prominent Italian devotees will testify.

At 12:09 am, October 17, 2008, Blogger milan said...

I agree - the photos are proof that this guy modelled himself on Sai Baba.

His poses/costumes are so funny - I'm sad he shaved his head now and stopped wearing orange!

At 7:00 pm, March 10, 2009, Blogger roch said...

I'm sory, sir blogmaster, but, you are not saying the truth about Swami Roberto. Jump to Italy and see the facts! Your trip will show you that you are not saying the truth.
Swami Roberto doesn't copy Sai Baba!

At 9:11 pm, June 21, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Facts are that Swami Roberto made his name in the '80s thanks to Italian medias. SR has got media coverage from the time he was a teenager.
I have read several articles and books about SR and nobody has ever conjunctured that he would mimic Sai Baba.
Moreover SR has good reputation among priests and nuns who, on the contrary, don't have high regard for SB.

At 4:50 pm, July 01, 2009, Anonymous Thierry said...

Swami Roberto walks in Christ’s footsteps.
He draws people to Jesus—the Way, the Truth and Life, the only who saves our souls. Amen! Hallelujah!
I thank Roberto because he made me to know the Lord Jesus, my only Savior.


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