16 January 2006

Bala Sai Promises Free Drinking Water

NewIndPress Monday January 16 2006 10:12 IST

KURNOOL: The Eleventh World Peace Convention was held here on Saturday to mark the 46th birth anniversary of Balasai Baba.

Speaking on the occasion, Balasai Baba promised to supply purified drinking water free of cost wherever needed in Kurnool town.

He also promised to provide good education facilities in the district.

Balasai Baba said that he would also expand the educational facilities to Anantapur district.

Later, Balasai Baba distributed tricycles and sewing machines to poor people.

So not only does he steal Sai Baba's look and hairstyle, but he steals the humanitarian projects as well! Methinks Mr. Bala Sai would do well to take a leaf out of Sathya Sai's book and copy his progress too.

Or on the other hand, he could just be doing good work after all and the water pipes might work too. How cute he is, to think that tricycles are sufficient transport for the poor of Kurnool. What next, water beds for the coconut-wallahs?

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