26 March 2006

Mr. Invisible Deputes Guru Duties To Pink Lingam

Youth followers of jailbird guru, Swami Premananda, recently held a Shivarathri celebration in London. You cannot expect them to spend the Night of Shiva just singing bhajans and having abhishekhams galore without mentioning a word (or two) about the guru's current prison status.

The event was part of the 'Justice for Premananda' campaign that hopes to "change the public opinion ([about Premananda] of the Tamil community in London, as this has an influence in India as well." All the Premananda devotees, Tamil journalists and other press, Dr. W.J. Wall (author of “The DNA Detectives”), the Global Human Rights Defense organisation, influential Tamil people and devotees of other spiritual missions were invited to discuss this possibility.

Gee whiz, the guy has been sent to prison for murdering an ashram inmate when wasn't busy raping thirteen girls. What's there to change?

But anyhow, this programme received the Swami's blessings. This is what he is reported to have said:

“It is a very good plan and you should do it. I will definitely support you ... I will send someone from the Ashram with the pink lingam to attend this programme and this person should give lingam blessings with it during the Shivaratri night. I will also be there.

Er, if he's coming then why doesn't he bring the pink lingam himself? According to the announcement: "The 'pink Lingam’ is a very special Lingam who has been with Swami continually since it was born. Swami used to keep it in His room on His personal shrine and He did puja on it for many years."

And for all of that, it couldn't keep him out of jail. Nevertheless, the Pink Lingam and it's powers were sent on a special mission to bless the London devotees on the Night of Shiva, along with the invisible presence of Premananda himself. Since nobody saw him arrive or leave it's kinda impossible to verify his attendance there. Never mind, the Pink Lingam stood in for him very well. I hear it clapped loudly when the invited guests finished their speeches, before being invited to give a talk about it's daily routine.

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I think the Pink Lingham is his dick.


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