05 September 2006

Saidas Babaji Is Dead

Jai Sai Ram.

With pain in our hearts and prayers on our lips we inform you that H.H. Sri Sri Sri Saidas Babaji, International Chairman, Sai Foundation Organisations Worldwide (SFOW) is no more with us in His physical form. It happened on 2.9.2006.

The Mahasmadhi Programme of our Samarth Sathguru H.H. Sri Sri Sri Saidas Babaji to be held at Prashanti Dham, Ujjain on September 4, 2006 as per Indian Standard Time, is scheduled as under:

Beginning of Poojas: 11.00 a.m., Mahasmadhi: 03.05 p.m.

Sai Foundation-India requests all the devotees to hold Bhajans, say prayers, recite Sai Gayatri and Guru Mantra during this time schedule.

The Samadhi Sthal of Sathguru Babaji is at the spot earmarked by His Holiness Himself and is adjacent to the Dhuni Mandir.

With Sai Prema,

Dr Sham Tewari, Global Principal Advisor.

Er. Randhir Kapoor, Secretary.

Source: SaiFoundation.Org

Copyright © Sai Baba: Copycat Watch 2006.


At 4:34 pm, October 10, 2006, Blogger Sheen said...

Hi, still keeping up to date with your work - thanks.
If you haven't heard already thought you may like to know of a woman from Madurai claiming to be the reincarnation of Radha - also a Sai devotee going by the name of Vasantha Sai. Related sites:


Also a suspicious claim - not just in credibility but also in erratic experiences of those who have connected to her.


At 10:44 pm, April 30, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about chalanda sai ma?
harish johari?
and shyam innertune bhatnagar

At 1:20 pm, August 16, 2008, Blogger Sheen said...


I know I wrote a passage on Vasantha Sai Ma much earlier and her claim to being the reincarnation of Radha (as in Radha/Krishna). She is a Sai devotee and to be fair to her, her visions and personal experience seem genuine - her book 'Liberation Here Itself Right Now' is worth a read and has been sighned by Sathya Sai.


As with the well known female 'gurus' e.g Ammachi and Mother Meera, experiences can be vast and differing - the same is true for the leseer known such as Vasantha Sai Ma, so your own personal experience will validate your belief systems, unless there have been obvious signs of malpractice.

So the authenticity of gurus may be there but the same principle of caution in blindly following should be considered. Vasantha Sai Ma's sincerity in her beliefs for example is valued but what is ultimately right for you in spiritual journey must be seriously considered.

At 10:13 pm, November 10, 2009, Anonymous Dev said...

None of these are gods. All are mere humans with a spirit of lie, divination and error.
Don't lose your soul following these possessed and/or metally retarded people who're claiming to be god.
One day Sathya Sai Baba will die just like anyone else. Sure he can do magics - that can't make him 'God' or even 'god'.
Just because we feel good in believing Sai Baba almighty will make us only "idiots".
God is holy not cheap like this crap samiyars and filthy fleshes.
Don't waste your precious life and dig graves for your entire generation.

At 4:57 pm, October 13, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please note this post is a little misleading, SaiDas Baba never said he was a god, he simply spread the message of Shirdi Baba. Therefore he is not a copycat, he never wanted any prayer to him, but his devotees saw him in great light and dedicated reverence to him.

At 1:27 pm, November 19, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is saddening to see fellow men denigrate god like they foolishly did when Christ roamed the earth. How many times does the loving father have to prove to arrogant mortals that he is god and here to assist and give us salvation. When Sai our god comes yet AGAIN hope we can have our bigoted, blinded, arrogant 3rd eye open to see and be received by the LORD.
Like Einstein said , insanity is doing the same things repeatedly seeking different outcomes.
Man repeately dismisses God among us and expects to be godly and saved. The sheer madness is shocking


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