11 March 2006

Tidbits about Swami Vishwananda

I came across a blog recently that provided some interesting tidbits about the "young yogi" Swami Vishwananda. While there is some brief discussion about Sathya Sai Baba and the dangers of false gurus, the poster - Sheen - quickly moves to allegations of Vishwananda's former affinity to Sathya Sai Baba.

After all, you don't have to have been living on Pluto for the last year or so to tell that Vishwananda is blatantly copying Sai Baba as far his miracles and dress sense is concerned. Among other things, Sheen discusses how Vishwananda (aka 'Visham') had been to Sai Baba's Puttaparthi ashram several times. A short marriage to a European woman and allegations of begging for money fit in nicely with reports of his sexually harassing young women as well.

Read the relevant section for yourself, although the blog as a whole is a good read:

Then there are the young upcoming gurus who again seem to find their niche in the West, especially with the increasing number of younger people interested in exploring the spiritual world who remain the obvious targets. See the growing appeal of the so-called young yogi from Mauritius - Swami Vishwananda (also known as Visham). The free flowing praise of him from his followers overshadows those who knew him growing up in Mauritius as someone who had an affinity with Sathya Sai Baba as well, having gone frequently to his ashram. Mauritian sources make mention that he was married to someone in Europe a number of years ago and would also request money from individuals in his home area to visit Sai Baba's ashram periodically in his more youthful days (bearing in mind he is still in his twenties).

Yet in recent years there appears to be a detachment from Sathya Sai Baba, with Vishwananda branching off on his own, aligning himself elsewhere and consolidating his own organisation. He has claimed to be the reincarnation of Yogananda, of 'autobiography of a yogi' fame. Whether this is true or not, it is worth remembering that rumours have surrounded Yogananda himself as being something of the ladies man (and perhaps also fathering a child). So the jury's out on this one!

As for Vishwananda, the irony is that many of his initial supporters have been followers of Sathya Sai Baba as well and his disconnection gives rise to obvious talk among circles. Vishwananda has become more well known among devotees of Sai Baba, especially in the UK and recent responses refer to younger, more vulnerable women being the target of malpractice (even at a sexual level) after going to see Vishwananda. Apparently a group (predominently from Germany) went to Sai Baba's ashram last year to receive healing after having very challenging experiences with Vishwananda. A few were reported to have received the necessary help. Others perhaps have not been fortunate enough as yet.

One of the difficult things to make sense of is that whatever your impressions of Sathya Sai Baba, he remains an elderly figure with an immense and established following reputed to be engaged in humanitarian activities around the world - this is not a celebration of the organisation which has consolidated around him but an acceptance of the kind of work that has been done as directed over the years. Hence regardless of Vishwananda's abilities or powers, he is still a young man in his late twenties or so who cannot be compared to someone of the kind of stature of Sai Baba. It is bizarre then that he would aim to connect to followers of this elderly guru (or god-man if you believe this) and at the same time dis-associate from him as an avatar whom he once followed as well - unless, of course, it has become a mere case of competition. One wonders whether Sai Baba may have something in store for those who are riding the gravy train, so to speak.

Yep, he does.

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At 8:46 pm, March 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Those who attempt to become Sathya Sai Babas by this ludicrous process of imitation only destroy whatever faith some people have placed in the Divine. They are poisonous pests which injure the peace and harmony of society. They collect around themselves insects of like nature. For only birds of the same feather can flock together. These 'pretenders' fall into ruin themselves and bring ruin on the society where they operate, as the proverbial horde of monkeys that ruin themselves and bring ruin on the forest which they inhabit."This is a very accurate description of Vishwananda.Beware.

At 2:35 pm, April 13, 2006, Blogger clhillis said...

I recently saw Vishwananda and do not understand why you would speak the way you are about him. If he was married or does sleep with women who follow him, I do not understand why that should matter. Is he not human? Why shouldn’t he want to experience life fully? His message was pretty clear to me -- to have love and compassion in your own heart. A message I have read (for he is the first fully loving person who lectures on love that I’ve gone to see) many times from others who seem to see the world through their heart versus their untrusting mind. Are they all copycats? Perhaps. My point is that when I walked into that room, I was clearly aware of the beautiful energy that was being created by the crowd before Vishwananda even arrived. All because they trusted their hearts enough to believe in the possibility of love and compassion even if just for the moment. And perhaps it took the symbol of Vishwananda to dare to have that trust, but they found it nonetheless. When Vishwananda did arrive it was very clear to me why they choose to make him into a symbol. He clearly trust his own heart the majority of the time, maybe that trust is shaken from time to time, but I’m sure he is able to re-center himself fairly quickly. How could I see this? Not because I believe it, but because I can feel it in my own heart. Something I couldn’t always do. Once my heart was full of so much pain, I couldn’t trust others with it. But the more it melts, the more compassionate I become and the more I am able to recognize this compassion in others. So does it really matter how he or any of these guru live their lives? I’m sure some of them did all kinds of rotten things before they learned to trust their own hearts. They are just people like you and me that only hope you will find peace and love towards yourself—in your own heart. But as long as we judge others, we judge ourselves and we keep generating and holding on to that pain inside. We are the only ones who can let go of that, not them, and they say this, do they not? “Do not depend on me.” But if their message can help us hear our own hearts a little better, they aren’t they doing a good thing?

At 12:26 am, April 14, 2006, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

Hi clhillis,

Please remember that I was only quoting from another blog. That said, there is a general problem when you consider the new breed of gurus that are appearing on the public arena. Perhaps one may envision a dichotomy between the Eastern and the Western way of thinking, which does make a significant contribution to debates such as these.

I must admit that whatever I know of Vishwananda is what is written online about him and from the various websites that are dedicated to him. From what I see, he presents himself as a representative of the Indian (Vedic) spiritual tradition and so I see nothing wrong in commenting on him and his activities form that particular standpoint.

People who are knowledgeable about spirituality have come to expect a certain standard from a guru, an individual who is supposedly qualified to help others progress on the spiritual path. For one thing,the guru should be the perfect example of practising what he preaches. If Vishwananda, for example, preaches that celibacy is desirable for spiritual progress then it is not unreasonable to exepct him to be celibate too. Since a guru is usually one who is 'enlightened', it is sometimes thought that he should be celibate since birth. An idealistic standard, I know, but there are such truly enlightened gurus out there.

It is not a question of judgement as such, but more a question of holding him to a certain set of mutually accepted standards and criteria.

I notice your emphasis on love and compassion which actually merits further discussion. When we speak of love it is usually understood to be a complete and divine love that is above and beyond "physical" love which is often, but not always, born and centered around lust. This is one reason why I find the allegations about Vishwananda to be disturbing, the fact that he is suspected of indulging in 'malpractice' with young girls, leaving aside his failed (?) marriage and a possible child. That doesn't say very much for his sense of responsibility, does it?

Aside from that, why does he blatantly copy Sathya Sai Baba in terms of his dress sense? I suspected that this was so, but even I was surprised when I heard that Vishwananda is actually a former follower of the Sai Baba. Why did he leave? These are all very interesting questions. It is all very easy to preach a message of love that is easy on the ears and makes sense to a lot of people - I can do the same thing without the girls and the world tours - but it is a much harder thing to stand up and take responsibility for his words and his disciples, present and prospectives.

I am glad that you had a positive experience with him though. If it works for you that is great, but not everybody reports the same results. We see a similar problem with Sathya Sai Baba also.

At 12:33 am, April 14, 2006, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

Apologies, the link to the original blog has been changed:


At 2:49 pm, April 19, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not think that one can comment on any one if they have not met them personally. What you say about Swami Vishwananda is not based on fact but on rumour. Do you really have nothing beter to do with your time than to write nasty things about men you do not know? Granted you may have had a bad experience with Sathya Sai Baba then focus your negative energy on that (if you really must), but do not judge others until you know who they really are. I'm sure Swami Vishwananda will answer any questions that you have, if you sincerely want the truth. Lastly, you claim to have followed Sathya Sai Baba for years yet you still do not know that the colour orange is not trademarked by Sathya Sai Baba but is a colour that the Swami's in India wear to show they are Swami's. Try brushing up on your knowledge, would be my advice to you and know that I have not written these things to upset you, merely to make you see your actions as childish. As they say, if you harbour contempt you only feed energy to those you despise rether send them love since they are only a reflection of yourself. I wish you much Love and Peace on your spiritual path.

At 10:57 pm, April 20, 2006, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

>> I do not think that one can comment on any one if they have not met them personally. What you say about Swami Vishwananda is not based on fact but on rumour. <<

Hello Anonymous,

I'd like to point out again that this information came from another source, not from me. Furthermore, the source claims to be familiar enough with Vishwananda to know a few things. At least, more than I could ever discover at this point in time.

>> Do you really have nothing beter to do with your time than to write nasty things about men you do not know? Granted you may have had a bad experience with Sathya Sai Baba then focus your negative energy on that (if you really must), but do not judge others until you know who they really are. I'm sure Swami Vishwananda will answer any questions that you have, if you sincerely want the truth. <<

This blog was started as an amusement endeavour and not a serious commentary unlike my Sai Baba Exposed blog. It's more of a notepad than anything else where I am just tracking the development of Sathya Sai Baba's lookalikes. Please remember again that the "nasty things" do not have their origin with me and therefore I cannot be held responsible.

The only reason why I comment on Vishwananda's progress is because he is directly or indirectly attached to the name and form of Sathya Sai Baba. If nothing else, they share the same style of dress. I wonder if they even share the same tailor? But anyway, I'd like to meet Visham. Apparently he is the same age as I am so it should be interesting.

>> Lastly, you claim to have followed Sathya Sai Baba for years yet you still do not know that the colour orange is not trademarked by Sathya Sai Baba but is a colour that the Swami's in India wear to show they are Swami's. Try brushing up on your knowledge, would be my advice to you <<

I know that orange (rather, saffron) colour is the preferred choice of the renunciate order. What does have to do with anything?

>> and know that I have not written these things to upset you, merely to make you see your actions as childish. As they say, if you harbour contempt you only feed energy to those you despise rether send them love since they are only a reflection of yourself. I wish you much Love and Peace on your spiritual path. <<

Thank you very much for good wishes, and I'd just like to clarify that I harbour no contempt whatsoever to Vishwananda or any of these fellows (except Premananda, who has raped and murdered people). My actions are simply based on commentary and presentation, and little else. Sathya Sai Baba, of course, is an entirely different matter.

Thank you again.

At 11:01 pm, April 20, 2006, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

Aha, I see what you mean about the "orange copyright" thing. Well, I'd have to say that there is a substantial difference between donning the orange/saffron robes of an ascetic and getting a robe cut in the exact style of Sathya Sai Baba.

However, I see that Vishwananda at least has the imagination to try different colours which I find very creative.

At 4:42 pm, April 25, 2006, Blogger Sheen said...

Response to clhillis and anonymous comments about Vishwananda:

The reference to talk about Vishwananda has been based from my blog. To give some clarity, these are not in fact rumours but direct accounts from people who have been to see him. There is no reason to doubt the sincerity of the individuals concerned. It should be noted that Vishwananda was a Sai follower until some years back hence a number of people who follow Sai Baba are acquainted with him directly. Remember that Vishwananda has very strong yogic powers which can be particularly appealing to people, but that does not mean that he is sincere in his actions.

As H.H SS has said, if a guru recommends celibacy and takes on oaths etc of a Swami order, then he must practice what he preaches without question. If we do not have certain expectations of impecable behaviour from a guru, then it is no point following one.

Hope it gives something to think about when adopting any spiritual path!

At 10:20 pm, April 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is very frustating seeing people defending such a person like Vishwananda without knowing his true colors..........
"Sweet words are never sincere and Sincere words are never sweet"
Just wearing robes, showing siddhis and talking sweetly about love and compassion doesn't mean one to be a master or guru as anyone can do it nowadays.
Please for God sake if you have faith in the Divine use your wisdom to see the thruth.Here is some quotes of some Divine masters about Swamis and Gurus:
False Gurus and Siddhis
(Occult or Supernatural Powers)
The Universe is full of false preceptors. Overly clever, they surround themselves with selfish pleasures and bestow their ‘grandiose’ teachings upon the unwary. Prematurely publicizing themselves, intent upon reaching some spiritual climax, they constantly sacrifice the Truth and deviate from the real spiritual path. What they really offer the Universe is their own confusion.
In the Universe as at present there are plenty of people masquerading as Gurus, due to sheer ignorance or in a deliberate attempt to deceive the gullible. Hence it is essential for the aspirant to be very sure of the person, before he accepts and accolades him as his Guru. There are some who profess to be Gurus, and are ardent worshippers of some deity or other. These people may even get or cause to get their deities of choice to manifest and thereby exhibit siddhis -occult powers, such as levitation, walking on water, seating on ice for hours, being immune to pain, appearing certain objects, walking on fire, becoming invisible, etc.
A Guru can be endowed with countless siddhis. Possession of siddhis, however, is not the test to declare the greatness of a sage or to prove that he has attained Self-realization. A real Guru does not exhibit any miracle or siddhi.
Sri Krishna is believed to be the most exalted in the knowledge of spiritual liberation. He never tried to develop any kind of siddhis. He merely ate and drank like a normal human. Yet he was a far greater Guru than that all past great spiritual preceptors.
Buddha severely criticized some practices that lead to the attainment of siddhis because he said that this could severely interfere with our spiritual growth.
In the Kevatta Sutta -Buddhist philosophical scripture- Buddha said that there are three types of occult powers:
1. The miracle of psychic power.- Walking on water without sinking, vanishing, going unimpeded through walls or ramparts as if through space, levitating, etc.
2. The miracle of telepathy.- There is the case where a person reads the minds, the mental events, the thoughts, the ponderings of other beings.
3. The miracle of instruction.- This is the ability of a person to instruct and to lead people in the correct path towards mukti -spiritual liberation.
Buddha said: "Seeing the drawback to the miracles of psychic power and telepathy, I feel horrified, humiliated, and disgusted with the miracles of psychic power and telepathy. The only miracle that a person should practice is the miracle of instruction."
The great sage Ramakrishna Paramahamsa declared that siddhis were an obstacle in the attainment of spiritual liberation. Though better off than the common ignorant, these people cannot be accepted as Gurus. Some false Gurus exhibit occult powers, performing miracles to attract the people that are near them. This has become an universal problem nowadays. The attainment and practice of occult powers -siddhis- goes in contradiction with the Yugadharma -Spiritual Law of this age.

At 3:52 pm, May 02, 2006, Blogger Sheen said...



Have been receiving alot of interesting feedback to this blog and will be regularly updating it to accomodate the increasing information on Vishwananda's declining popularity.

At 3:43 pm, May 17, 2006, Anonymous Cold wars said...

Vishwananda Bandwagon....

Decided to jump on it as well as I'm aware about some of his stuff and obvious he's a hoax. Seems he also likes playing up to famous past lives...the main obsession with being Yogananda....actually Yogananda as well was pretty big on revealing his past lives as some biography makes reference to!

Other famed lives of Vishwanada that seems to appeal to him are the ancient ones - rumour has it he may have been the demon that killed one of Rama's twin sons, Kusha in a combat!! Well anythings possible!

At 7:26 pm, May 17, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vishwananda fully copying Sai Baba

Sai Baba:

1.At the age of 14 declared to be Sai Baba
2. Sai Organisation
4.Orange Robes.
7.Golden Linam
9.Sai baba Bhajans
10.Reincarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba
11.Love all serve all

1.Got samadhi at the age of 14(without a guru)
2.Vishwananda Organisation
4.Orange robes
6.Golden Lingam
8.Vishwananda Bhajans
9.Reincarnation of Yogananda
10. love beyonds words

Well sooNthere wil be more avatars like sai baba and vishwananda than disciples...Its a very good bussiness nowadays(Cars,Ashrams,money....oand so on)
Pople do not ask themselves why these Gurus go to rich countries to teach...why not going in poor countries???

At 1:30 pm, May 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear all sincere seekers

All that is happening,ex devotees of Vishwananda or Sai baba experiences, is to be taken serioulsly.Most human want a proof or a miracle to beleive in the existense of God.I think that the thruth of the existense of God is already here but we are all blind and cannot see his Love and Miracles.When we wake up in the morning the sun is already here showering us with its rays....
God lies in simple things....
Simplicity is what Jesus or Krishna and Bhuddha Taught.
A Guru IS SOMEONE WHO SHOW YOU A WAY TO GOD....Now in this world there are lots of false prophets or avavtars...
I think that a true aavatar will never tell who he really is but just doing his work.People must be really carefull while looking for a Guru.A TRUE AVATAR OR GURU WILL NERER ASK MONEY FOR DARSHAN OR PRIVATE INTERVIEW..A TRUE GURU WILL LOOK FOR GOD SEEKERS FIRST IN HIS own COUNTRY...A TRUE GURU WILL NEVER SHOW OR DEMONSTRATE MIRACLES TO ATTRACT PEOPLE...A TRUE GURU WILL NEVER LOVE OR GET ATTACHED TO LUXURY LIKE VISHWANANDA.A TRUE GURU WILL CHANGE HIS DISCIPLES LIVES IN THEIR EVERY DAY LIFE TO A BETTER ONE.Now you see Swamis going in the west,seeking money for Darshan and private interviews.I ask all Vishwananda's devotess if He is really a Guru who can performs miracles...So why doesnt he cure people with great illness,like Cancer,Aids,Blind,or true miracles like Jesus did or Other AvATARS.wHY DOES HE Materialise MATERIAL OBJECTS LIKE RINGS,OR BRACELET JUST LIKE SAI BABA.Does this tricks help to prove the power of God or does this rings helps Poeple to get Liberation.Search God within you and do not be fooled by these swamis.There are rare and uniques Gurus in India,who can performs miracles that you even cant imagine like Mahavatar Babaji,Does he make publicity on his miracles,or sit on chair and ask devotees to sing his praise or doing his Aarthi.No because he is too great for that.What people need to understand that God was is always here for us but we prefer to look for miracles or other tricks to beleive which give rise to fake gurus.Search in all Vedas or Puranas about Gurus of Swamis Showing Siddhis,People not believing in God is better that Them.May you all find your ways and use your wisdom to find God and be very careful in your search of a true Master.

At 6:48 pm, May 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"After knowing the truth about Sathya Sai Baba whom i was a devotee...I advice poeple to be very careful with these Saibabacopycats".I have a friend in Switzerland who knew Vishwananda and she told me that he was a close devotee of Sathya Sai Baba.He build a Sai temple also in his country and there is miracles of Vibhutis also.He left Sai Baba after and became Christian and now his own Branch.A guru takes you to a point not changing religions everytime.Even if Vishwananda is Popular now he cannot escape his past and in the near future many people will be deceived by him.

At 7:00 pm, June 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really appreciate your findings and your work on thruth.I know Vishwananda through a friend and after searching on his websites,I saw how the truth have been changed completely on his Biography.When you see what Sathya Sai Baba has done to his ex devotess and he still a living god for millions of people I feel very discouraged.These Guru is doing a good bussiness and many of their followers are comitting a sin by helping them.They proclaim to be the real one or Reincarnation of great masters.It is very easy to proclaim oneself to be master but you have to prove it.Vishwananda play on people emotions and feelings and uses sweet words to attract people.Unfortunately besides his horrible past people are flowing like ants to get his so called darshan(which is suppose to activate your chakra and bring you to self-realization)without any effort on the receivers part!Is that what Yogananda preached....
A guru is a ladder which brings you to the ultimate one...I dont understand why people sings his kirtans and do his aarthis...When you go on his website you find similar things like Sai Baba...Golden Lingam...Materialisations...Vibhuti...lots of talks on love...picures which are sold and so on.The quest of spirituality is misunderstood by many people nowadays especilly in the west where these Gurus find their Nest!We are the one who tolerate these kind of people...who uses spirituality for their own benefit and it is the duty of every true seeker to STOP THEM.

At 4:22 pm, June 13, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is is disgusting to see how these so Called Swamis Like Vishwananda is getting the praise of people.Sometimes i asked if there is justice in this world.Poeple who know the truth and want to exposed them are judged and considered as "Rawan" or "Judas". Vishwananda is like a king(Rawan)who has disciples...ashrams...luxuries...and who is enjoying his life fully and God is not acting against it.He proclaimed to be Sri Paramahansa Yogananda Reincarnation.I think its the easiest way to get large number of people...just proclaim yourself to be a reincarnation of a Master...Learn some magic tricks...Grow your hair...and become rich!Very Good Bussiness...Low investment...large profit.I would like your opinion on that...

At 6:26 pm, June 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is what Yoganada said on his next birth(he didnt mentioned he will reincarnate in woman but his next birth will be in 200yrs atfer his death;I wonder what Vishwanada will say on that!!!)

These informations are from Aananda and Swami Kriyananda who a direct disciple of yogananda)


His next life on earth, Master told us, would be spent in the Himalayas. Having devoted so much of his present life to public service, he planned to remain for many years of that incarnation in deep seclusion. "In my later years," he told us, "I will gather about me those who are close to me now." To most of his close women disciples he said, "You will come as men in that life." Only to Mrs. Brown, as far as I know, did he say that she would come again as a woman. Two hundred years would elapse, he told us, before his next incarnation...

Judge by yourself!!!

At 1:56 pm, July 30, 2006, Blogger mathew said...

Being an ex follower of Vishwananda and being fooled by him, I decided to create a new blog and many experiences of ex devotees.You will find lots of interesting facts on Vishwananda's true colors


At 12:30 am, July 31, 2006, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

Thanks for that, Matthew. A very interesting read!

Just to enable that link and make it clickable: The True Colours of Swami Vishwananda.

At 5:24 pm, October 13, 2006, Blogger Mathew said...

Hi Sanjay....
just to let u know that i hadsome problems to post on my blog...so i created again a new one...with more updates


At 3:13 am, October 20, 2006, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

That's http://vishwanandathetruecolors.blogspot.com/ :-)

At 5:46 pm, January 31, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

none of the obove links are working??

At 8:43 am, February 04, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yogananda was cleared of the charges that he fathered a child. See the following article:

Yogananda paternity refuted by DNA tests

From Los Angeles Times - July 11, 2002

DNA Clears Yoga Guru in Seven-Year Paternity Dispute

Results: Separate tests show the yogi didn't father a disciple's son, but the man bringing the charges sticks to his claim.


A renowned guru has been cleared by DNA testing of charges that he broke his celibate vows and fathered a child, his Los Angeles headquarters announced Wednesday.

The announcement marked the latest development in a seven-year paternity dispute involving Paramahansa Yogananda, who was one of the first Indian masters to introduce yoga philosophy to the West 80 years ago. The guru, who died at age 59 in 1952, was accused of having an illicit affair with a married disciple and fathering Ben Erskine, now a 69-year-old Oregon gold miner.

To conclusively settle the claims, Yogananda's worldwide organization, the Self-Realization Fellowship, hired a former San Diego criminal prosecutor to establish an independent testing process to compare Erskine's DNA to samples taken from Yogananda's three male relatives in India. The results from two separate labs both showed no relationship between Erskine and Yogananda. "For members who revere Paramahansa Yogananda as their profound spiritual guide and guru, the claims were very hurtful and very sad," fellowship spokeswoman Lauren Landress said. "But these results conclusively show there is no truth to them."

Erskine, informed of the results Wednesday, said he still believed that "Yogananda is my father." His attorney, Shane Reed, said they would review the DNA results to decide whether to proceed with a court request to disinter Yogananda's corpse, buried in Glendale, for further testing.

At stake was more than the guru's integrity: Any successful paternity action could have led to claims on the assets of Yogananda's spiritual organization, which owns several pieces of prime property, including the flagship Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades and a hermitage in Encinitas.

The organization operates more than 500 temples and meditation centers in 178 countries; its members have ranged from the late George Harrison to the famous botanist Luther Burbank. Yogananda initiated such figures as Mahatma Gandhi into kriya yoga and authored such spiritual classics as "Autobiography of a Yogi," which has been translated into 18 languages.

G. Michael Still, the former San Diego prosecutor who relied extensively on DNA testing in his rape and homicide cases, said the results would prevent Erskine from claiming standing in court to seek any inheritance, copyright assets or the disinterment of the guru's body.

"In my opinion, this is airtight," said Still, who added that he was not a fellowship member and knew "little to nothing" about the organization before being hired last year to oversee the testing process.

The dispute first surfaced in 1995 when Erskine's daughter, Peggy, approached the fellowship with the paternity claims and financial demands. Erskine said his mother, Adelaide, had been a disciple and photographer of Yogananda in the late 1920s.

The miner acknowledged that his mother never told him he was Yogananda's son or that she had been physically intimate with the famed guru. But he said his mother hinted at the "wonderful blood" in his veins and fought constantly with her husband--Erskine's stepfather--over her son's paternity. His stepfather berated her with accusations of an affair with the guru, Erskine said, and called him "the little black bastard" because his complexion was darker than that of his four siblings.

"It was talked about constantly," Erskine said. "I would have been an imbecile not to know" of the charges.

The visit by Erskine's daughter prompted a fellowship attorney, Michael Flynn, to initiate the first round of DNA testing on hair samples, which was found inconclusive. A second round of testing on blood samples last July showed no relationship. But Reed and Erskine rejected the results as biased because the blood specimens were collected and sent to the labs by a fellowship monk they claimed could have doctored the samples.

By this time, the dispute went public with a splashy cover story in a Los Angeles alternative newspaper, fueling efforts by the organization to try to settle the matter once and for all by hiring Still.

Still said he hired a forensic nurse to collect blood samples from Yogananda's three male relatives living in Calcutta, India. One of them, Biswanath Ghosh, traveled to Los Angeles last year and declared himself "embarrassed and insulted" by the charges. He accused Erskine of fabricating charges in order to cash in on his uncle's assets and fame. "How is this possible?" Ghosh said of the charges. "My uncle was a famous holy man."

The forensic nurse videotaped and photographed the entire collection process, confirmed the identity of each of the relatives and oversaw the shipment of samples to two laboratories that worked blindly from each other. The two labs compared six Y chromosome markers, which Still said pass unchanged from one male generation to the next. Both concluded that the three Yogananda relatives were related genetically, but that Erskine was not.

On Wednesday, the organization quietly released the results to its members, beginning with morning meetings for about 60 nuns and 40 monks. Notices were scheduled to be posted at the organization's eight California temples in the evening.

Members expressed satisfaction that the DNA results appear to have put the matter to rest--but were not surprised that their beloved guru's name would be cleared.

"As far as I'm concerned, this whole thing was kind of a non-event," said Mike Baake, marketing manager for the group's publication center. "Anyone with any awareness of who Paramahansa Yogananda was knew that story wasn't true. When someone in the world tries to do something good, someone else always wants to pull them down."

At 5:59 pm, February 20, 2007, Anonymous Pinaki Ghosh said...

Check out www.thefreethinker.tk for Sai baba cheating videos.

Pinaki Ghosh

At 8:23 pm, March 12, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but all the things You said about Swami Vishwananda are complete Bull.. he is the most wonderful being i know. All these accusations of harassment and all this are plain gossip and nothing else, with no evidence or reasonable support anyway! :(( im sorry that You think so. really. How can You judge ANYONE without knowing anything about them, well except for what 'people' say. psssh. if you were quoting from another blog.. what was the point anyway??? this is quite upsetting.. i suggest You get rid of such gossip.

Thanks <3

At 8:26 pm, March 12, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, its me again. i mean the last anonymous. I just wanna say, i totally agree:
"I do not think that one can comment on any one if they have not met them personally. What you say about Swami Vishwananda is not based on fact but on rumour. Do you really have nothing beter to do with your time than to write nasty things about men you do not know? Granted you may have had a bad experience with Sathya Sai Baba then focus your negative energy on that (if you really must), but do not judge others until you know who they really are. I'm sure Swami Vishwananda will answer any questions that you have, if you sincerely want the truth. Lastly, you claim to have followed Sathya Sai Baba for years yet you still do not know that the colour orange is not trademarked by Sathya Sai Baba but is a colour that the Swami's in India wear to show they are Swami's. Try brushing up on your knowledge, would be my advice to you and know that I have not written these things to upset you, merely to make you see your actions as childish. As they say, if you harbour contempt you only feed energy to those you despise rether send them love since they are only a reflection of yourself. I wish you much Love and Peace on your spiritual path. "

At 2:26 pm, May 09, 2007, Blogger Laura said...

u r such an idiots,bodering with details,peace and love is all that matters u r just looking 4 problems where u cant find it

At 2:28 pm, May 09, 2007, Blogger Laura said...

peace and love is all that matters no matter from whom,u r just looking 4 problems where u cant find it

At 3:22 pm, May 18, 2007, Blogger Sheen said...

Vishwananda Update - WARNING

OK, so things have definitely become very serious regarding Visham over the last few months and everyone following this should heed a serious warning after his proven connection to Premananda.

The other seriously questionable connection that he has is to one Sri Padma Ananda or Vishnudeva Sarasvati (alias the Sex Guru). This is genuine as a UK media article once interviewed. Incoming information is that Vishwananda is very friendly as well to this 'guru' who is reputed to have slept with countless woman and (as one of his articles suggests) may also condone rape. Website is:


Please consider carefully any dealings with Vishwananda to those of you who follow him.

At 12:20 am, May 24, 2007, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

That's http://siddha.loka.tripod.com/biography.htm. :-)

At 12:40 am, June 07, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My sister is creazy about him. She is inspired with him, she is enthusiastic because of him , she is spiritually growing, she is glowing when she is aruound him, and it seems that they have deep love relationship. She is serving him, and he is smiling at her and from time to time he says: "you know that I love you just as you are.... "

I said to her: "Dear, he has no teaching, he speaks like a child. Yes, he is cute and sweet but if you listen to him you must notice that he is not wise, he is not deep, he is not profound, he is shallow. Sometimes he looks confused, he is making mistakes and when he speaks it sounds like cheap spirituallity : "God is in a heart." "He loves you." Halloooo? you are smarter than that.....

There is certain atmosphere on his darshan, but it is not necessarily created by him and his divine personality. It is created by all this people who wanted to be loved, and who wanted to give love to god. It is sweeet, nice, warm, ordinary human sentimentalism. Nothing is wrong with that, but it has nothing to do with silent witness of our consciounsness.... with deep truth of awerness. That will not make you closer to God but it makes you closer to wishvananda, it makes you in love with him, but you can not awake. He is handsome and warm but you can find a warm lover who is not claiming to be avatar. After all that is what are you really after, my dear sister. Guru has nothing to do with falling in love with sweet young man with long hair. Nor path has anything to do with cheap jewelry, and singing 108 names of god Vishwananda."

(if you want hear him talking just type in "you tube" Vishwananda and you will listen that childish lesson he was giving.)

But, what can I say, she is in love. She wants to be deceived because she feels nice, and special and good and saved and secure. He is god for her. And from time to time god personally as avatar says to her: you know that I love you. It is enough to her. And for now it is all she needs.

She is happy with that.
She will wake up soon . And then I will be there to explain to her again that it was a dream, that she was chasing a shadow of her animus, sentimental dream of perfect lover, or lost childhood and compasionate father or whatever. It is her right to give the heart to whatever she wants and it is her right to make mistakes. After all: all stupid things we done, if we learn from them, they become part of our wisdom, so nothing is lost and in universe everything is just fine

.... even that my sister is in love in fake guru....

At 9:01 am, June 25, 2007, Blogger Brent said...

Many people have tried through the years to paint Yogananda as a fake and accussed him of many things that were never proven and some that were even disproven. He introduced the world to Yoga and helped to popularize meditation, helping millions of people along their spiritual paths. He was truelly a great man based on his influence he had on others. We will never know why these people went after him.

Why these people say nasty things about him and the others here is their own problem. People are critical when they are not comfortable in their own skin. The people you all are critical of are doing wonderful things for countless people around the world. Their impact is far reaching and their messages are very clear. If you only saw the way these people live, depriving themselves of anything but simple necessities, you wouldn't be saying they are stealing money from donors, money hungry and such. The programs they have set up for education, clothing and food for the poor, etc. etc. is remarkable. Meanwhile critics who have only second and third hand information want to standback and judge them with their limited knowledge? Copying someone's clothing? Why wouldn't you concentrate on the good he is doing rather than his clothing and silly things like that.

Young souls have many lessons to learn. I am sure you will strike back and be very critical of me but that is ok. It doesn't bother me as I know it is your problems and not mine that you are adressing.

Let your gut and your feelings be your guide. You are aligned with your well-being when you are feeling good. Fear and anger never feel good. If you have met these people and you had a bad experience/don't like them, then by all means stay away. If you haven't met them, which it sounds like no one here has, then find something that makes you feel good and stop wasting your beautiful life with negative energy on something you are just making assumptions about.

Love and Light,


At 5:16 am, August 27, 2007, Anonymous margaretha said...

blessing and peace to all.
God, allah, Krisna, Jehova have a great love and compassion whit those who him seeking. Nobody is perfect. remember King David out the bibble, and even Mozes. the word is forgiving. I have meet Swami Vishwanada, and i have 30 years be a biblechristian. Today i am a goed person. I am not always be like that. I have manny bad thing done. Christ hat change me; Meeting the Swami wass a happy Day for me. His love and teaching reach to the heart. I am sorry for you , that you not understand the courage and detirmination is need to go the way from Swami. You speek from watt you not understand.
In time past and even today same things are say from Jezus Christ.
and even he is not waht i off you suspekt, he try s to love people and serving God; for that yoy dont need to perfekt. al you need is love; will ans gett starting.
greetings Margaretha ( Belgium)

At 8:46 am, October 14, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A fake guru wants his followers to believe that he is God Himself—that's why he tries to impress them with his mystic powers.

The con artist fake guru (or hypothetical con-artist) uses all the trappings, but this is just a ploy to fool people out of their money or whatever. In other words, good at manipulating people, and creating the whole thing as a scam. They care nothing at all about spirituality or esotericism, to them it is just mumbo-jumbo, but it is also a good way to fool people, so they invent a story or teaching based on a mishmash of New Age or pop guru material that can be read anywhere.

Such a con-artist fake guru would obviously be utterly scrupulous, and cares nothing at all for any of their devotees, manipulating them financially and even sexually for all it is worth. According to many disillusioned ex-devotees, their own former guru was in fact nothing but a fake, manipulator, and con artist.

the biography of Swami Vishwananda:

"In the island of Mauritius situated in the Indian Ocean region, Swami Vishwanada aka "Visham" was born in 1978. He got samadhi at the age of 15 (experiencing intense union and direct communion with God).Vishwananda started his divine mission by building a temple near his place and started many spritual activites and many volunteer services.
Atfer some time a new temple was built in another region in mauritius for and ancient indian guru" Shirdhi Sai Baba" and many more ashrams in other countries and his world tour soon.

The True biography of Vishwananda:

At the age that Vishwananda got samadhi he was actually an ardent disciple of "Satya Sai Baba"(which many people have heard is a pedophile and using magic tricks to attract people). I wonder if Vishwananda knows what is the real meaning of Samadhi....
He build a Sathya Sai Baba temple in mauritius and which till now daily sai activities are still going on. At his younger age Vishwananda got the power(which he told people at that time that it was by the grace of his Guru Satya Sai Baba)of materialisation of objects;rings,pendants,lingams,vibhutis etc....Most of the objects created was in the image of Satya Sai Baba. He went to puttaparthi several times to see his Guru and got interview also.
And surprisingly after some time spend in the west and after having noticed that several persons in Mauritius started to materialise objects just like him, he shifted into catholic religion and became a satya sai baba hater. He was Baptised into christian faith and started seing apparitions of Mother Mary and Stigamata also. After having some big proplems with catholic authorities in Europe he shifted in creating his own branch and fully copying Satya Sai Baba And Ammachi.
(Sources: ex followers from uk& switzerland)

At 8:50 am, October 14, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Title Of Swami
One thing that shows clearly that shows clearly Vishwananda is a fake guru is his tiltle of "Swami"....
If you read his true biography you noticed that when he left Sai Baba , he had no Guru at that time....So who gave him the title of Swami...

Swami is primarily a Hindu honorific, loosely akin to "master". It is derived from the Sanskrit language and means "owner of oneself", denoting complete mastery over instinctive and lower urges. It is a title added to one's name to emphasize learning and, of course, mastery of a specific field of knowledge, most often religious and/or spiritual.
Many great yogis and gurus (teachers) of the Hindu tradition hold the title of Swami along with their names, such as Swami Vivekananda or Swami Sivananda. In this more formal sense, the title has a deeper, more specific signification - a Swami is an initiated monk of the philosophical school of Hinduism known as Advaita Vedanta, as systemized by Adi Shankara. In his book Autobiography of a Yogi [1], Paramahansa Yogananda, the great Indian yogi and guru, explains:

"Every swami belongs to the ancient monastic order which was organized in its present form by Shankara. Because it is a formal order, with an unbroken line of saintly representatives serving as active leaders, no man can give himself the title of swami. He rightfully receives it only from another swami; all monks thus trace their spiritual lineage to one common guru, Lord Shankara. By vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience to the spiritual teacher, many Catholic Christian monastic orders resemble the Order of Swamis... "(originally sourced at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swami)

At 8:53 am, October 14, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Do not depend on me...but depend on the Guru within you"(vishwananda)

This is a famous quote from Vishwananda....
This quote tells you clearly that Vishwananda wisdom is very limited and he is himself telling that "do not depend on me (as i know nothing),depend on the guru within you(reach god by yourself,your own effort)..."
I think he doesn't really know the meaning of a Guru...

"The syllable gu means shadows
The syllable ru, he who disperses them,
Because of the power to disperse darkness
the guru is thus named. "
Advayataraka Upanishad 14--18, verse 5)

In the Gita itself, Krishna speaks of the importance of finding a guru to Arjuna:
Acquire the transcendental knowledge from a Self-realized master by humble reverence, by sincere inquiry, and by service. The wise ones who have realized the Truth will impart the Knowledge to you. (Bhagavad Gîtâ, c4 s34) "

Some scriptures and gurus have warned against false teachers, have recommended the spiritual seeker to test the guru before accepting him, and have outlined criteria on how to distinguish false from genuine ones:

The Maitrayaniya Upanishad warns against false teachers who may deceive the naive. [13]
The Kula-Arnava-Tantra states that there are many gurus who may rob the disciple's wealth and few who can remove the disciple's afflictions. [13]
Swami Vivekananda said that there are many incompetent gurus and that a true guru should understand the spirit of the scriptures, have a pure character and be free from sin, and should be selfless without desire for money and fame. [14] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/guru)

The following is a quote from a lecture by Vivekananda "The need of a guru" Volume 3 complete works section, Bhakti Yoga

"There are still greater dangers in regard to the transmitter, the guru. There are many who though immersed in ignorance, yet, in the pride of their hearts, fancy they know everything, and not only do they stop there, but offer to take others on their shoulders; and thus the blind leading the blind both fall in the ditch.

"Fools dwelling in darkness, wise in their own conceit, and puffed up with vain knowledge, go round and round staggering to and fro, like blind men led by the blind" (Katha Up. I ii 5)

"The World is full of these. Everyone wants to be a teacher, every beggar wants to make a gift of a million dollars! Just as these beggars are ridiculous, so are these teachers."

At 3:41 pm, November 30, 2007, Anonymous shanti said...

Do you have any evidence??

At 2:15 am, December 21, 2007, Blogger win said...

Brent, I love your comment. We saw Vishwananda a few days ago. The atmosphere was filled with joy and happiness, love and compassion and the very easy communication between all who attended. Are all the people who are happy just fools in denial? This is the message cynics and miserable ego maniacs would like to have us believe. I'd rather hang around joyful and open-hearted people who are truly healthy in spirit and mind. God bless you, Brent.

At 6:05 pm, December 21, 2007, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

Vishwananda comes almost every day on MATV (Sky Channel 793) in the UK. I'm not impressed.

Airy-fairy pseudo-spiritual ramblings with no real structure or content, topped of with some empty gestures such as showering someone's head woth flower petals or rubbing their third eyes.

Who cares if some moron people find this all very happy and fulfilling? That says more about them than it does about Vishwananda if you ask me. Because Vishwananda is a seller, and more fool those who purchase his wares.

At 12:45 am, December 23, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw Swami vishwananda in las Vegas. The atmosphere was amazing. Filled with love, and joy. I don't see how his message of love could really hurt anyone. Hes there to give love and blessings. His message might be simple, but do words really mean anything?

At 10:47 pm, December 24, 2007, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

Indeed, do his words mean anything?

At 2:17 am, March 05, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hy my name is Laurananda I'am a new swami,and I wear orange dress,do u have something against me? asshole?

At 10:37 pm, March 24, 2008, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

Yes, because I'm the only ananda around here in orange robes. Asshole.

At 6:19 am, April 20, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only people who know Swamiji will understand him. Let me remind you that even Lord Chaitanya was blamed to be fake. But eventually, he even embraced people who hated him. Im from mauritius and know people who were close to Swamiji. For me and all those who know him, he's krishna himself. people whose heart are shaded by hatred and jealousy wont understand the meaning of love and the living Premavatara Vishwananda swami. Jai Gurudev.

At 1:19 pm, May 03, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vishwananda's Business is Growing!!!

He just invented a new Technique for the fools to follow;the Bhakti Kriya;
"is one of the most powerful and fastest ways to reach union with the Divine through the uplifting of the limited human consciousness to God cosmic consciousness"

For all true sincere seekers do not be trapped by these so-called new age guru,you will loose your money, time and will be manipulated.

Lahiri Mahasay created a group called Aryya Mission;

Here is the truth about Mahamuni Babaji and his rules;
1.# He does not use any name.
2.He does not have a normal human body
3.There is no photo(What is publicized as Babaji’s photo is drawn either by an American artist or Sanandalal Ghosh (younger brother of Yogananda) from the description given by Yogananda who never met Babaji directly in person.
It should also be mentioned here that those who met Babaji and gave a description of Babaji, among them, Lahiri Mahasay, Sriyukteswar and Swami Satyeswarananda Maharaj; Yogananda’s description did not match at all with theirs.
Yogananda never met Mahamuni Babaji, the Divine Himalayan Yogi; there is no factual evidence)
4.He is not an Avatar.
5.He made Injunction (prohibits) against starting an organization.
6.He maintains strict Order of Guru-Param-Para (Master and Disciple Relationship).
7.Qualifications for Kriya are according to Babaji.
8.He observes very strict rules
9.He considers Guru’s responsibility is paramount.
The Divine Himalayan Yogi, Babaji and his principal Kriya disciple, Lahiri Mahasay issued injunctions NOT TO DEVELOP ORGANIZATIONS around the Kriya teaching.

“The great Master [Lahiri Mahasay] lived his sublime life in partial seclusion, and steadfastly refused to permit his followers to build any organization around his teachings.” Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda, 1979 paperback edition, p. 339
Only one message for Vishwananda and His followers;
"Let them fool themselves for this incarnation".

Watch these videos and enlighten yourselves;


At 7:25 am, June 01, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fools! If u dont understand love! stop creating useless blogs!!!!

At 7:19 am, June 04, 2008, Anonymous SRI NITHYANANDAM TEMPLE said...


At 7:56 pm, July 22, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vishwananda is definitely a saibaba copycat.
He removes lingams & manifest vibhuti just like him.This video proves his connections with his former guru sai baba.People are still so stupid & foolish to believe in such a fake miracles.


Those who want to do the same business can learn sleight or hand & regulating lingams tricks here;
"Feroze insisted that mastering vibhuti would develop my sleight-of-hand abilities. Adept conjurors, he said, can eat, drink tea, and write with one or two of the pellets - hidden in position - lodged in the web of skin between the thumb and forefinger. With a single circling movement of the hand, they can withdraw the pellet and crush it with the fingertips.

"Feroze demonstrated how to make the tiny pellets. A quantity of perfume and ash is mixed in a pan with a few drops of kanji, a starchy water in which rice has been washed. Stir in enough ash and one gets a form of dough. Pea-sized beads of the preparation are dried, ready for use." (p. 101)

"To produce the lingams, Shah describes how he graduated from swallowing small potatoes and provoking a violent regurgitation with a powerful emetic to stage 2 where he was able to produce the same effect with pebbles by control of internal muscles (pp. 104-108). He quotes his master as commenting: 'Houdini claimed to be nothing more that an illusionist. But here, in India, godmen have taken these feats a stage further: they are passing them off as actual magic.'

"And (on p. 110): 'Houdini understood that without mystery there was no magic. He knew also that without publicity, word of one's skill would not travel.'"

At 2:41 pm, August 03, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is crazy! If you all spent as much time actually practicing yoga as you do worrying about the authenticity of your so called Guru's, you'd probably actually all become Avatars yourselves. GROW UP!

At 1:24 pm, August 16, 2008, Blogger Sheen said...


I know I wrote a passage on Vasantha Sai Ma much earlier and her claim to being the reincarnation of Radha (as in Radha/Krishna). She is a Sai devotee and to be fair to her, her visions and personal experience seem genuine - her book 'Liberation Here Itself Right Now' is worth a read and has been sighned by Sathya Sai.


As with the well known female 'gurus' e.g Ammachi and Mother Meera, experiences can be vast and differing - the same is true for the leseer known such as Vasantha Sai Ma, so your own personal experience will validate your belief systems, unless there have been obvious signs of malpractice.

So the authenticity of gurus may be there but the same principle of caution in blindly following should be considered. Vasantha Sai Ma's sincerity in her beliefs for example is valued but what is ultimately right for you in spiritual journey must be seriously considered.

At 5:54 pm, September 16, 2008, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

This is the latest message from Vishwananda. Make of it what you will.

At 6:59 pm, September 16, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

emailed to me.....not proved...rumor at this point

Friday, 12 September 2008

Message from Guruji
Dear brothers and sisters, dear friends

I decided to dissolve the Bhakti Marga order.

I hereby release all Brahmacharis/inis and Jal-Brahmacharis/inis from their vows. People often get caught up in positions and titles. If someone really wants to live for God, one doesn’t need a title.

My love is always with you.

I feel sorry from the bottom of my heart if someone feels hurt. This was never my intention.

People saw many things in me in the past, and expected me to be many things. And they had great expectations of who I am and how I have to be. I just want to say: I am Swami Vishwananda, with my whole being.

For each one of you who wants to stay connected with me and accepts me how I am, I continue to be there. I know, that there are many of you, who want to continue to lead a spiritual life. This will also be possible in the future, however, there will no longer exist an organisation like until now.

Who would like to write to me, can send an email to swami@bhaktimarga.org.

Springen continues to be and you are very welcome to visit.

Love & blessings,

Swami Vishwananda


The cause of this dissolution? According to anonymous tipsters, it went down something like this:
Emails were being sent out about Swamiji having illicit sex with his Brahmachari’s (the boys), which prompted a conference call last night lead by the national coordinator, Shrihara, and the US Brahmacharis.

Well, the “rumors” are true. Swamiji has been having sex with his Brahmacharis for years. Questions that were asked were was it consensual? Yes, in some cases. Anyone under age? No, as far as anyone knows. Were any Brahmacharis tramatized? Yes. Hari, who became a Swami recently (Swami “VK”) renounced his vows and ties to Vishwananda and is now living back with his family in London. No one knows what happened with him. Was he having sex with Vishwanada? And if not, he surely must have known what was going on.

At 10:50 pm, September 29, 2008, Blogger Sheen said...



This blog brings to attention UK sources confirming allegations of homosexuality regarding Vishwananda as recent comments have highlighted, as well as other information.

At 2:04 am, October 24, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Friday, 12 September 2008

Message from Guruji
Dear brothers and sisters, dear friends

I decided to dissolve the Bhakti Marga order.

I hereby release all Brahmacharis/inis and Jal-Brahmacharis/inis from their vows. People often get caught up in positions and titles. If someone really wants to live for God, one doesn’t need a title.

My love is always with you.

I feel sorry from the bottom of my heart if someone feels hurt. This was never my intention.

People saw many things in me in the past, and expected me to be many things. And they had great expectations of who I am and how I have to be. I just want to say: I am Swami Vishwananda, with my whole being.

For each one of you who wants to stay connected with me and accepts me how I am, I continue to be there. I know, that there are many of you, who want to continue to lead a spiritual life. This will also be possible in the future, however, there will no longer exist an organisation like until now.

Who would like to write to me, can send an email to swami@bhaktimarga.org.

Springen continues to be and you are very welcome to visit.

Love & blessings,

Swami Vishwananda


The cause of this dissolution? According to anonymous tipsters, it went down something like this:
Emails were being sent out about Swamiji having illicit sex with his Brahmachari’s (the boys), which prompted a conference call last night lead by the national coordinator, Shrihara, and the US Brahmacharis.

Well, the “rumors” are true. Swamiji has been having sex with his Brahmacharis for years. Questions that were asked were was it consensual? Yes, in some cases. Anyone under age? No, as far as anyone knows. Were any Brahmacharis tramatized? Yes. Hari, who became a Swami recently (Swami “VK”) renounced his vows and ties to Vishwananda and is now living back with his family in London. No one knows what happened with him. Was he having sex with Vishwanada? And if not, he surely must have known what was going on.

He has also been alegedly...

Swami Vishwanada is wanted for sex charges in America for molesting a 12 yrs old boy!!

He is convicted in Switzerland for taking Relics out of the country!!

Disbanded his organisation, due to misuse of funds and abuse of his brahmacharis' who were living a sinful existence whilst in the 'ashram'

He was confined to his room in Sai Baba's ashram, allegedy escorted out of the ashram by security whilst on a pilgrimage of Guru's.

Begged/manipulated and emotionally blackmailed spiritual seekers for their money, then spend this money to bring cousins to see him 'cause he was lonely'

What else does this person have in him???

He may have siddhis and close to some spiritual awakened souls but is his behaviour appropriate.

'All that glitters aint Gold'

At 6:09 pm, November 07, 2008, Blogger Sri Nithyanandam Temple said...

do you have evidence??

At 4:50 am, November 09, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You Do Not need any evidence to see that Vishwananda is totally Fake!

The role of a guru is not to show siddhi & attract thousands of people.

Hi misused his org.in the past before also.

His is going against his own teaching & principles.

Being a brahmachari means to pure in thoughts & actions & to be in complete celibacy......

He had sex with so many Brahmacharis & misused funds provided by sincere people for his own comforts.

This is great lesson for sincere seekers to learn not to fall into the trap pf such fake god-men.

Vishwananda is not a disciple of Babaji,He is not Yogananda reincarnated....he is only a smart guy fooling spiritual beginners.

his so called siddhis are all faked...

he is only a pure copycat of satya sai baba,doing the same magic tricks...

Vishwananda is very dangerous guy....

Thats all i have to say!!!

At 3:09 pm, January 10, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found this article quite interesting,apparently this guy gives proofs & evidence that vishwananda is the incarnation of Satan,the anti-christ along with his two closed disciples.

Vishwananda is a demon & beast who drains people energy,have sex with them & steal their money.....

continue reading here:


At 10:53 pm, January 19, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very concerned about those people, which are still going to Springen and see him. They are highly in danger and those who know about the secrets should warn them.
It is like it was in germany during the nazi-regime with Hitler, the people follow without thinking.
I am still very concerned...
We have to stop him!

At 4:48 am, April 22, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

New blog about Swami Vishwananda:


At 3:03 pm, April 24, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 6:20 pm, April 27, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is my personal experience as an ex bramhacharini

I was so deeply in quest of truth and God that i met some popular gurus in my life.

I though that someone who is popular,who is teaching love,peace and service to mankind would be my master i wanted to follow.

Finally 4 years ago, a friend of mine introduce me to vishwananda in germany.She took me to the so-called darshan that is quite popular among famous gurus(sai baba,amma,mother meera,and so on).

My first impression wasn't that nice when i met sv,his face seems negative and dark to me.
I felt nice love and energy because of the music,but not of him.

But i loved the teachings of helping others and living for god,so i decided to embark of the journey of bramhachari.

I took the vow an started my journey to the service of sv.....as we had to give all our money,or any other valuables to bhakti marga(sv).i gave all my property,money and everything i possessed.

Unfortunately to my great surprise,his teaching was completely childish,without any depths.

He didn't teach anything new,just some hatha yoga techniques,basic prayanamas which is very easily find freely everywhere on the web or book.

So my question was is this kriya yoga?

So i went to india, did some research on the holy kriya and find the arya mission, created by sRI lAHIRI mAHASAYa.

I was introduced to a secret kriya guru,which is a direct disciple of the Great Babaji himself.

As this is most advanced and most secret technique to get moksha(liberation)i'm not allowed to talk about it.

So my first question to the Secret Kriya Guru was Is Vishwananda a direct Disciple of Babaji and was the Bhakti Yoga invented by sv,the fastest way to reach God?

He smiled and told me this;

this guru vishwananda is not a disciple of babaji and the bhakti kriya was created by this guru to attract people ,to get name,money,fame and credibility.

He told me that babaji revealed to this world only raj yoga and kriya yoga,which will last for millions of years.There is no new techniques created by babaji.These western gurus is only fooling FOOLs.

According to babaji,Kriya yoga will be given only to deserving disciples and not to the mass.....No money is taken to give kriya.....Kriya masters lives a normal life and in compete secrecy,that is their greatness.....

He told me not to care anymore about sv and that he will bear his karma,for using mind power to control others,busing them,taking their money.

What You Will Sow So Will You Reap Vishwananda!!!

when i came back to germany,to my big surprise,i heard that vishwananda business has start again.

Although he abused his disciples in the name of krishna,ill-treated women,stole their money and his life is full of lies and contradictions,some FOOLS are still following him.

I just went on his website about the new techinque of atma kriya which supposedly babaji gave him again.

This atma kriya was now the new product to market himself again.This guy must be terribly a horrible person.

When i went to his website,i was quite shocked to see the picture of the sacred Sri Yantra,which is now using as a new logo to attract more fools.

So stupid this guy and the funny thing is that the atma kriya was now the new modern and fastest way to reach god.So What happened to Bhakti Kriya???

What a cheap guy!!!

On the atma kriya website you can find the so-called scientific research.
He is only using techniques found on books and web,mixing it and puting credit on his name thats all!!!

These prayanams,mudras or yoga postures will surely bring health benefits for people,but it is not his techniques,he didn't invented anything.he only read books!!!

Western people are so stupid looking for cheap gurus to reach god.

It is sad to say that it is because of some foolish people that you can cheap and dirty gurus like sv.

You don't have to be a yogi to see that sv is totally fake.his sleight of hand magic,his childish teachings,only copying from ammachi and sai baba.


Vishwananda never cured anyone,or did any extraordinary miracles,he only copied the tricks form saibaba.....

Everyone is free to do whatever he wants but DON'T BLAME GOD WHEN YOU WILL BE DECEIVED BY VISHWANAN

At 7:24 am, June 13, 2009, Blogger Shatanga said...

Who wrote this without signing him/herself?

Just vulgarity in every sencence...What do You know, what have you tried to know?

You have been on spiritual path, where is Your humbleness, non violence?

I know Swami for 2 years, I know people Swami has saved their lifes. I have been so close to another guru than Swami.

Human mind, in which You are in, is not able to understand. Unless Your heart in closed, You took enough light in your life, spreading negativity doesnt help anything.

I personally have bad moods too, sometime I feel no God. It is hard to destroy the ego. Then If I am closer to guru again, all these thoughts are being purified. This is normal proces of purification. Bad emotinons etc, have to come out through your consciousness, there is no another possible way. Humbleness is important.

The best thing after is, when every person becomes techer himself. I have learned - when I am sad, unhappy, etc, to dive into the light, Love in meditation.You should do that too :)

Every Avatars, CHrist, Sai baba, Meera, even Vishwananda now have been under pressure. This is the light. The tree breeding most of the fruits is beiing shaked the most..

At 12:21 am, July 21, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meenaski, the Ex-Devotee to Swami Vishwanada, launches attack blog called: Tell The Truth 123-


Too bad it's all lies!!!

At 6:53 pm, August 26, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

vishwananda was a devotee and close to satya sai baba...here is the truth

for all who thought that vishwananda was not connected with satya sai baba here is the truth….



At 2:14 pm, August 29, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Osho on Sathya Sai Baba- similarities with vishwananda


At 6:26 am, July 20, 2010, Anonymous guillaume said...

ho ! la sa sent l'ADFI à plein nez ça rien ne colle dans ce que vous dites, bonne chance avec vous même !!!

ho sa feeling ADFI full nose that nothing sticks in what you say, good luck with yourself!

At 1:00 pm, December 29, 2010, Anonymous Kriya Yoga said...

Kriya Yoga an ancient yoga technique was reintroduced by sri yogananda paramahansa. Kriya yoga lessons are available from self realisation fellowship which was founded by sri yogananda paramahansa.


At 3:21 am, January 27, 2011, Blogger Sheen said...

Quote from my blog:
"Vishwananda's socio/political awareness can be safely seen as arbitrary at the very least. It is very unclear what his supporters' specific ideologies are, including 'mother' Meera."

Their support for 'Western' influenced politics has become evident at the expense of left or liberal views.

At 2:25 am, March 15, 2011, Blogger Suven said...

A message came to my attention recently regarding Vishwananda and him indicating that there would be the end of this world very soon.

His presence on the planet no doubt may be....

At 2:17 pm, March 23, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Dear Friends and Family
yesterday we were all a bit sad, because our very dear spiritual sister Brinda left her body in the early morning. After months of suffering with a lot of pain caused by cancer, she was finally allowed to pass to another plane.
While we will miss her a lot, her happy nature, her beautiful smile and her devotional singing, we are comforted in knowing that she continues her songs for her beloved Krishna in a heavenly place that is the place of our longing. One day we will join her there, that place where we can already connect with her inside our hearts.
At the end of the day during evening prayer many touching songs for Krishna came to us, and we strongly felt that she is already dancing with Krishna.
Who wants to bid farewell to Brinda together with us, can come to the cemetery on Martin Luther Street in Bad-Schwalbach this coming Friday, 14:00.
In Loving embrace,
her spiritual family at Shree Peetha Nilaya, Springen, and Bhakti Marga worldwide"

Thought she would be burnt of she was not Christian?...

At 7:50 pm, April 23, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel it is childish to tlk about a guru and judge him without meeting him. that is what i claim "childish". Some people seem to be so uneducated that they dont seem to realise that not all the info on internet sites are accurate. It seems you to need to go learn about the net before your ego makes u think uve mastered everything in life. A person on a spiritual path wouldnt judge bt would rather search for god. All gurus have similar characters,so no guru can copy another! It can be seen that yous are so bored with life and i pray to mother Kali to help yous in a "gentle" manner to search for a more interesting life lol :) fuk yous! :)

At 7:53 pm, April 23, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9:43 pm, April 25, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The person prior to my post has a very bad karma. It is surely not an "enlightened" one and will burn in hell together with his/her "enlightened" master. We won't cry after you, go and come back after 3 lives, perhaps you'd understand a bit from what is written here. Bye, luv.

At 10:28 am, July 18, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If He was really married to a European lady, why does he still have his Mauritian passport? I don't think He is that dumb to sacrifice a European passport for the Mauritan one. You know what, you guys have nothing to do in your life, that is why you will keep talking bullshit about Him. But anyways, whatever you are saying about Him, you saying all this shit about yourself. So you all are cheaters, for just leaving him and talk bad about him. Whenver you all are in problem, you will run to Him for help and after your problems have been solved, you will just go and talk bad about Him. But what can we do, human nature is like that. Again not everyone is blessed to have a Guru like him. And also, He is not a copy cat of Satya Sai Bullshit and He doesn't beg for money like you all beg to your mama(mum) for money. To be honest, you don't even have money to buy an underwear. So please stop talking bullshit about Him!!!

At 7:54 pm, September 05, 2011, Blogger Suven said...

Another related article about the woman whose partner left her owing to Vishwananda telling him to do so.

At 11:13 am, October 20, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

letter posted to all bhakti marga friends in 2007 concerning the court case that was running against him..

Dear Brahmacharis, dear friends

In 2001 I began to collect the relics of saints to make sure that they are being venerated again like they used to be in past times. While alive, the body of a saint becomes like a vessel for the divine energy. Even after the death of the body of a saint, the bones continue to carry that divine energy. In the case of some saints it is even like that, that their body doesn’t decay for many years or even centuries and stays intact (for example St. Bernadette). By venerating the saints, their energy is called upon, which helps the world to transform in a positive way.

I was very sad to see that nobody really seemed to care about them, or would recognise their significance, and that they were neglected. Even some priests, to whom I talked, didn’t know what to do with the “bones”. I started collecting many holy relics. In the search for them, I visited every flea market and antique shop I could find and bought a lot of relics. Many were given to me by friends. In my eagerness (and maybe also youthful thoughtlessness), I also took some relics from churches where I felt, that the relics were not cared for. Even though the only thing that I wanted was to make sure the relics were properly venerated and cared for, I soon realised, that to just take them away was a mistake and not the right thing to do, as this could also hurt people’s feelings, and so I stopped it. Later, all the taken relics that were with me, I gave back to the churches. Unfortunately, two women who participated with me in the search, turned against me later. This happened about two years after taking those relics. The “denunciation” was in large part due to a personal disappointment that the ladies had in relation to me. After their projected expectations into me were not met, they distanced themselves and it led one of them to take action against me with this court case.

You all know how much I love and respect the saints. I also want you to know, that I don’t have anything against the church and I know many of them really still care about the saints and their relics. I am sincerely sorry if I have hurt anyone’s feelings. All I had in my heart was the veneration of the saints.

Swami Vishwananda

a thief will always have sticky fingers...

At 5:06 pm, November 02, 2011, Blogger Suven said...

Regarding the above comment on the statement made by false swami Vishwananda - it is unbelievable that he admitted to this publicly of stealing and tampering with the sanctitiy of what churches represent without seeming to consider the wider implications will certainly come back to haunt them!
Furthermore the content of vishwananda's statement is representative of the dark side of tantric practices providing evidence for the obvious - that he and his prime supporter "Vishunedeva Saraswati/Padma Ananda" are nothing but black magicians in the guise of robes of the 'swami' order!!
What is perhaps even more unbelievable are the kind of individuals that buy into such practices or make excuses for them or is it a case of straight-forward brainwashing!?! The concept of good and bad are basic ones that children understand - into adulthood, the journey of life experience deepens our perceptions and a measure of some wisdom atleast is achieved - so these individuals following them undoubtedly have the emotional maturity that is more consistent with an child as opposed to an adult!!

At 6:29 am, February 19, 2012, Blogger Suven said...

Once again it has to be stressed on not going to see false guru Vishwananda and his friends such as Vishnudeva Saraswati and Meera - Ammachi may also be supporting them as is certainly the case with the swami who travels with her so be carful here too!

This is a blogsite that came to my attention on a woman who died at Vishwananda's service -


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